Christmas Has Come Early! FREE advance copies of new Spec Fic Anthology Crime & Punishment up for grabs!

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells etc!

Greetings all! It’s come up really quickly but here it is! From the team that brought you No Way Home, a speculative fiction anthology released earlier in the year that got into the TOP TEN kindle downloads for SciFi Short Fiction, have come together again for a new collection! Crime and Punishment features many of the same writers as No Way Home including myself and award winning writers Lucas Bale and Michael Hicks, with a few new voices mixed in for spice! It explores the themes of, you guessed it, crime and punishment in other, speculative and/or futuristic worlds.


Crime and Punishment Spec Fic anthology is out Mon 7th Dec as ebook and paperback, but free ARC Ebook copies are available from me!

My own contribution, a fair whopper of a short story, is called ‘New Tricks’ which is a bit Blade Runner meets The Mentalist. Here, have a synopsis!

New Tricks

Felix Dalton had thought his military service was over. He’d seen and done terrible things and counselled those that had done worse into confessing. He’d had his fill of blood and anguish and looked forward to retirement with his new wife.

But there is always one more job.

Something new has risen to threaten the unstable peace the Western Nations have bled furiously to bring about. An aristocrat’s stepson claiming to have supernatural powers and hell-bent on tipping humanity into another cycle of destruction has arranged the slaughter of seventeen high-profile peace conference delegates. Felix must convince the boy to explain how he pulled off the mysterious murders so the establishment can imprison him on the secure moon-based labour camp Lunar Alpha for the rest of his life and ensure his work cannot be carried on by anyone else.

But there’s a problem. Young Arcadius Cole believes in his own power. He wants war, possesses a mysterious means of killing and nothing to lose.

This collection goes on sale NEXT WEEK, Mon 7th of Dec and will be available as ebook or as paperback.

HOWEVER, as it’s the season and all, we are giving you the opportunity to get your hands on a FREE advance electronic copy of the book. I have both mobi or epub files in my little Father Christmas sack! To get yours, just comment on here or Contact Me through social media 😀

Very excited to be reunited with this team of considerably talented writers again. The last anthology was a great success and it’s wonderful to be included once more with a chance to try something different! Everyone’s stretched their creative muscles with this and really got their teeth into it.

The only thing more enjoyable is sharing the work with all of you, so do hit me up for your free copy whilst you can!

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4 Responses to Christmas Has Come Early! FREE advance copies of new Spec Fic Anthology Crime & Punishment up for grabs!

  1. TJ Moore says:

    Commenting commenting commenting. I’d love to read your new story.

  2. David Spell says:

    Blade Runner meets The Mentalist…that sounds like a great read. I’d love to read this story.

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