‘Silence’ – Book 3 in the Orbit Series Cover Reveal

Well, how’s this for a pretty thing?

More detailed post to come, but I couldn’t not-share this. Silence will be the 3rd and final book in my Science Fiction Orbit Series.

Silence small

This wonderful cover design was made by the amazingly talented Matt Davis of Rock and Hill Design Studio.

Books 1 & 2 of this series, Zero & Haven have been enjoyed by fans of SciFi and general fiction alike since Zero hit the shelves in 2014 and have been described as ‘James Bond meets Firefly’. They are both available on Amazon as ebook or paperback, or you can contact me direct on Facebook or Twitter for a signed copy (UK only, small postage charge applies).



After the truly humbling success of books 1 & 2, it makes me so happy to bring you Silence, the final chapter of my journey with these characters. And, just to warn you, it turns the dial up to 11 story-wise. I have ensured that it is packed with the intrigue, drama and action that everyone has said they’ve enjoyed about the first two, and more.

It is scheduled for release at CoxCon 2016, Telford, UK on July 30th 2016. Amazon release same day.

Mark it in your calendars, fellow space adventurers!



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4 Responses to ‘Silence’ – Book 3 in the Orbit Series Cover Reveal

  1. D. James Fortescue says:

    Ooh! Pretty =D

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