The Orbit Series

Now we’re on the final approach to the final landing of the final ship in my Orbit Series (i.e. the last book, Silence, Book 3, is due out this July) it’s time to start getting the old WordPress tidied up and streamlined!

To this end, I have updated my Orbit Series page, so that it is more comprehensive.

Click here to find out more about the series, the books available now and the dates and details of upcoming book 3.

This has been  an incredible and, for me, emotional and life-changing journey. And it’s not over yet!

Not aware of the Orbit Series? Read on, dear friends!

The Orbit Series by J. S. Collyer

All covers

The Orbit Series is J. S. Collyer’s first SciFi novel series. It has been described as ‘James Bond meets Firefly’ with  ‘Adrenaline-pumping action’ as well as ‘depth of character’. The first instalment, Zero, was listed in Northern Soul Magazine’s ‘Best Reads of 2014’.

It follows the story of Kaleb Hugo, a high-ranking military officer from a prestigious family who has his entire perception of the world he lives in and his position in it challenged by a twist of fate that results in him being thrust into the underworld of society. Existing amongst the criminals, the misfits and the malcontents of an Orbit where life is scraped from space station colonies orbiting an Earth constantly recovering from war, opens his eyes to more than just an alternate way of living.

One man in particular, Ezekiel Webb, born on the wrong side of the tracks but hopelessly entangled in the future of all humanity, despite his best efforts to remain inconsequential, will lead Hugo on a journey through levels of the universe and his own being that he never previously dreamt existed.

Neither will emerge the same.”

Click here for more info, including Goodreads/Amazon links

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  1. D. James Fortescue says:

    Collector’s Edition Box Set planned? Please say yes! =D

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