Winter is coming. So is 2017.

Greetings fellow space adventurers!

Just a quick note to say I’M STILL HERE. I know I haven’t posted in a fair while – not since the launch of the third and final book in my Orbit Series, Silence, in August.



Halloween is my favourite time of year for stories. Feels like the right time to account for my own!

(You can also scroll down to the bottom of this post for another link for the Orbit Series)

But whilst I am absent I am not idle. In this Halloween season, stuff be a-brewin’ in my cauldron of plans and schemes!

First though, it needs to be said how EXCITED I am that my first ever series is out there in full, flying under its own steam, jetting through the ether. I’m really looking forward to seeing where it takes itself from here. I’ve done my bit. It’s up to the quality of stories now how far the series will travel from here. It’s like leaving a child at school for the first time…a school with reviews, comments and discussion boards and a lot of bullies.

Leaving that thought quickly behind…

One task completed means preparing to the next. I have big plans for 2017. 2017, I’m hoping, will be the year I write a book that might snag me an agent. Yeah, no pressure. However, I’m well prepared for the fact that the snagging process may take months or years. But either way, next year is when it starts. My 2017 Christmas present to myself will be having at least the first draft of a book that might pave my way forward into the big, scary world of mainstream publishing, finished and ready to work with.

I’m very proud of all I’ve achieved so far with the Indie press Dagda publishing and under my own steam, but it feels like it’s time to try something different. I’m curious to see just how far I can go.

So, as well as that teeny-weeny little ambition, 2017 will also see the re-release of Silence, book 3, or maybe a box set of the entire Orbit Series. In the spirit of full disclosure, the main reason for this is that observation after the fact has turned up a few errors in Silence that snuck through the editing process. And they bug me. Big time.

Apologies and my hugest thanks to everyone who’s ploughed through the current version. As a reader, typos make me scowl and hiss, and I really appreciate the amount of people that have soldiered on through the book despite these slip-ups and even to go on to say how much the enjoyed it. I’m hoping having the only copies of the compromised first edition in existence might one day make it up to you. As I say, I have ambitions!

So here’s me signing off as I retreat into my preparation cave for Autumn and Winter 2016, hopefully to return after Christmas with new editions of existing books and the start of some completely new ones.

Are we excited yet? I am.

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3 Responses to Winter is coming. So is 2017.

  1. Malcolm Smith says:

    Silence – Kindle edition. Bought day of release. OMG! The errors, sorry but I could not get past about page 30 they were bugging me so much. I really hope and updated edition appears at some point so I can finish – not being able to read it is only slightly less annoying than the errors 😉

    • Yes, the bug me immensely too, Malcolm. My sincere apologies. Due to a few reasons I won’t go into, the editing process wasn’t thorough as normal with this instalment in the series and I’ve only come to appreciate since the release just how many were missed. I’m making a new edition of Silence, edited and polished, my first priority after Christmas!

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