Silence Re-Release & SciFi by the Sea

Good afternoon, all!

I’m very pleased to announce that Book 3 in the Orbit Series Silence has been re-edited and is now slimmer, trimmer & better edited (phew!). Copies of the new edition are currently only available in hardcopy straight from me either in person for £8.99 at the Scarborough SciFi festival 8th & 9th Apr or through the post (contact me through Facebook or Twitter to arrange and order, £10 including postage )


New Edition Released Mar 2017


I am hoping to have the Amazon files updated ASAP so you can get it for your Kindles and/or order internationally.

I’m so happy that Orbit Series is complete and out there, chugging along under its own steam and (hopefully) building its own momentum. It’s been one heck of a journey!

Never to rest on those laurels, I’ve already started drafting a new series. It’s super exciting playing with brand new characters in a brand new setting. That’s all I will say for now.

For now, I’m just getting excited for Scarborough SciFi Festival weekend of 8th April! Always have such fun at that event.

Scifi Poster

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