Counting Down to CoxCon 22.7.17

Greetings all.

This week I am mostly beavering away at Draft 1 of Book 1 of a brand new SciFi series (oooooo tease…all I’ll say right now is Indiana Jones meets Mad Max), getting super excited to be drafting something new and counting down to the epic gaming/youtube event that is CoxCon.

CoxCon is Sat 22nd and Sun 23rd July this year at the Telford International Centre, Midlands. I’m excited because it’s always such a great event with great vibes and really friendly people.

Looking forward to seeing faces old & new and getting updated on what’s new in the world of gaming (something I am woefully uninformed on!). Interest in the Orbit Series is always high too and it’s so fun speaking to people who are part way through or have finished the series.

Find out more about the event and order your tickets here


Guests this year included Youtuber/gaming aficionado Jesse Cox (of course), the lovely couple Sam Strippin & Dodger and the always-hilarious Crendor.

I don’t claim to be any kind of expert, or even know very much at all, about the subject matter of their very popular YouTube stations, but what I do know is they are a kind, friendly bunch and enormously entertaining performers. Though I will miss seeing my good friends John & Genna Bain this year (popular Youtubers/games reviewers/cosplay geniuses and, also, to all intents and purposes my brother- and sister-in-law) but will be seeing them another time very soon, so very pleased about that.

This is my only current booked event in the near future. I have pared it back on events this year to concentrate on drafting the new novel, though I may do an 3-year anniversary event in Lancaster in October to commemorate the day book 1 in the series, Zero, was launched three years ago.

Wow, has it been 3 years? It’s so weird, three years isn’t that long, but so much has happened and the books have come so far, it feels like these stories have always been a part of me. Perhaps they have, and it just took that offer from Dagda Publishing in 2014 to get the ball rolling. It’s been a dream come true, in short, and it’s not over yet.

Stay up to date on Facebook and Twitter for any dates of any more events and news of the new series. And cat pictures and SciFi memes, most likely.

Peace be with you, friends.

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