Hi everyone!

Just a quickie.

First off, CoxCon was so amazing. Thanks to John and Gen and all you wonderful folks, I sold a record amount of copies. I want to thank everyone who came to speak to me, talked to me about reading/writing/scifi/films, bought the books or made the special effort to come and see me to tell me how much then enjoyed them. Made my year, it really did.

I’m not in this for the sales, I’m in it for the stories. Writing stories that people enjoy, in however small a way, is my Primary Directive. Discovering I’m achieving that never gets old.

I’m channelling all the positive energy into the next project. Draft 1 of Book 1 on the new series is going well. I’m about 1/2 way through, hoping to have a manuscript finished and ready to pitch to agents at the beginning of 2018. Nail biting stuff! But it’s so much fun trying something different.

More details soon!

In the mean time, this October will be the anniversary of book 1 in the Orbit Series, Zero, launching back in 2014. The Orbit Series is 3 years old! To celebrate I’m going to do a local book signing event in Lancaster at the wonderful Ahoy shop.

All covers



It is also Ahoy’s third birthday too so we’re going to have a joint birthday party: cake, books, sale on awesome clothes. What else could one need at a weekend?

Date and details to be announced soon!

Peace & love, fellow adventurers

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2 Responses to Update

  1. Helena Hann-Basquiat says:

    Congrats! I was just looking, and it’s 3 years for JESSICA, too. Have lots of fun writing the new series! So cool.

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