SciFi, Romance, Drafting & Grafting

Greetings all.

A general update on all my various goings-on.

First off, I had a simply wonderful weekend at Scarborough Science Fiction festival in April, as usual. Thanks so much to readers old & new as well as fellow fanatics that took


My stall at Scarborough SciFi Festival. SciFi by the sea always a treat.

the time to come and say hi. Not least, thank you to the reader that told me she keeps the Orbit Series by her bed just to have it within easy-reach for re-reads. Made my day/weekend/year, in fact.

I’m spending the rest of the year concentrating on several all-new projects. I have the first draft of book 1 of a new series, Waste (Indiana Jones meets Mad Max, anyone?), to edit and shop around, whilst I try my hand at something in entirely different genre. Romance, in fact. Well, paranormal/romance/mystery/thriller crossovers to be precise.

Can’t be having it too simple, now, can I?

Granted, at first glance this appears to be a dramatic swerve away from all my projects so far. But as my focus has always been on character and relationships, albeit with an out-of-this-world backdrop, it was a pretty natural step for me. I’m a firm believer in it always being worth trying new things and I enjoy keeping my hand in with drafting whilst editing and shopping round a finished project.

Gotta keep writing, after all!

Stay tuned on Facebook or Twitter for more regular updates. And pictures of cats, most likely.

Again soon, my friends!


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