Sending Virtual Hugs

90392080_10157124621742308_6587386943275794432_oI thought this would be a good opportunity to check in with everyone, albeit from my usual seat in my usual ‘office’ (the living room) with my usual (typically unproductive) coworker. It’s true that a writer’s time is often spent indoors as a matter of course. There are always deadlines, messages to return, drafts to edit, research to be done and, always, always, always, another story waiting to be written.

So, on the face of it, it is largely business as usual here. But having the choice of going outside taken away, as well as the urgency and reality of the situation in every news and social media feed I follow, doesn’t half conspire to unsettle the soul. And that’s not even mentioning the (completely necessary) cancellation of conventions and events like Scarborough SciFi Festival, which means a loss of income and, sometimes more importantly, loss of chances to meet up with friends and readers alike.

So I would just like to take a moment to reach out to every last one of you, as I know everyone will be effected in some way, and wish you and your loved ones all the best in this tricky time. Remember its no one’s fault, most people are just trying to do their best and, on the whole, everyone is looking out for each other and coming together for the greater good. This is a wonderful thing to behold and something that can’t pass without expressed appreciation.

A particularly loud shout out needs to go to the the key workers in the health services, food retail industry, delivery drivers of all kinds and everyone behind the scenes slaving away to find effective prevention methods and, hopefully soon, a cure.

Wash your hands, stay indoors as much as humanly possible, please try to only buy what you need and remember to check in (remotely!) with vulnerable friends, neighbours and relatives on a regular basis.

I will be using the extra time to continue shopping short fiction and novels around agents, publishers and magazines whilst drafting out a few new shorts for the WordPress (we all need fun, free entertainment right now more than ever, right? To see what I already have available in a wide range of genres, go to my short fiction, flash fiction or free novellas section) and, maybe, starting the next draft of the next novel in the virtual pile in my head.

Health and love to you all! We will get through this by sticking together even whilst we’re staying apart.



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