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The House on Beaumont Grove : a true ghost story…coming soon…

Originally posted on Beyond The North Waves:
For a summer, back in the mid 1990s, I lived in a haunted house. Really. Some of us, in retrospect, agreed that the thing that drove three of the girls into the street…

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Zero: action-adventure in near-earth orbit

Originally posted on MurderMayhem&More:
This is an ambitious first novel, one which creates a sprawling and credible near-future, a tense and turbulent political situation, and then throws a rogue crew of space pirates into the mix. We’re a…

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An interview with yours truly by the delightful Kelly Smith! I talk Zero, influences, future projects and…trousers!

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Congratulations Jex!

Originally posted on DJF Artistic_Endeavours:
The day has finally arrived!  ‘Zero’ has been officially released!  Super stoked! Congrats Jex =D Zero

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Looking after #1 – Write the Novel You Want To Read

Originally posted on The J. Aurel Guay Archive:
Guest post by Author J. S. Collyer I sometimes wonder what sparks people off to start writing. In my experience, people decide to start for all sorts of reasons and at all…

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Could you be Britain’s Next Bestseller?

Originally posted on Raven Crime Reads:
Introducing Britain’s Next Bestseller … Love reading? Love writing? If your answer to either of these questions is yes then you’ll love Britain’s Next Bestseller. Britain’s Next Bestseller (BNBS) is a new publishers with…

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The Invisibility of Good Writing

Originally posted on Novel Conclusions:
The Storm by Pierre-Auguste Cot via Wikimedia Commons I helped a coworker with a business letter recently, a coworker I consider to be a generally good writer.  This person, who is an articulate communicator in everyday…

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Authors Wanted – Guaranteed to be Published – eBook or POD

Originally posted on Book Hub, Inc. :
Book Hub Inc. is a rapidly growing publishing and distribution company looking to form long-lasting relationships with both emerging and established authors and publishers and to provide the best possible customer service. Over the…

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Readers Hating Other Readers

Originally posted on Shannon A Thompson:
We live in an era of hate. Instead of praising our favorite singers, we are tearing down one that doesn’t even matter to us. Instead of leaving a 5-star review on one of our…

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Thank you Jex!

This lady is twenty types of legend, as well as dilettante 🙂 I can’t put into words how chuffed this has made me

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