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How to Write a Great Author Blog AND Avoid Huge Ships

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
Image courtesy of Jenny Kaczorowski WANA Commons Blogging is THE most resilient form of social media and one of the best tools to build an author platform. Why? Readers read blogs. Perfect snare for readers. We…

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Snowed in today? Need a scary story to take away your cabin fever?

Originally posted on Eric Robert Nolan, Author:
I am reposting the link to my free zombie tale, “The Siege of Fort Buzzard,” in light of the extremely positive feedback the story has gotten from readers over at the “Tales of…

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Hey you egghead literati types …

Originally posted on Eric Robert Nolan, Author:
… who wants to be a reviewer for Dagda Publishing?   From Dagda:  [If you want to be added to our list for reviewers, drop us a line at (at the moment…

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Five Fascinating Facts about Edgar Allan Poe

We do love a Poeful Sunday Interesting Literature 1. He was the first person to use the term ‘short story’. At least, Poe’s use of the term is the earliest that has yet been uncovered, from 1840 – nearly 40 … Continue reading

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An Interview With Ray Robinson-Jawbone Lake

Originally posted on Raven Crime Reads:
Ray Robinson first won attention in 2006 with his debut novel, Electricity followed by The Man Without and Forgetting Zoe. To mark the release of Robinson’s latest novel Jawbone Lake (see below for review),…

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Thank you to everyone who entered! And congrats to T. W. Happy reading!

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Guest Post – By J. S. Collyer

Originally posted on The J. Aurel Guay Archive:
Today I’m busy writing my thesis. Rather than bore you with the details of kidney disease in mice, my new friend science fiction writer, and blogger Jex Collyer will entertain and inform…

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It’s The Great Rejection Slip, Charlie Brown!

Some great advice in here. I’ve touched on some of these ideas before. Becoming a writer is a journey, one you only come to discover never ends once you’ve been travelling for years. But do not be discouraged. It’s hard … Continue reading

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The naked launch: Yesterday Road is out today!

Originally posted on WHAT THE HELL:
The day has finally arrived! Book Launch Tuesday! BLT. I’m hungry already. Yesterday Road is available now for $2.99 at and at Smashwords, if you prefer EPUB or any other format. It should…

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Should You Enter A Writing Contest?

Originally posted on michaelalexanderchaney:
Contest season is upon us. If you write poems or flash, short stories or creative nonfiction (personal essays or stand-alone pieces of memoir), then you may be thinking about entering a few of the many writing…

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