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Greetings all.

A general update on all my various goings-on.

First off, I had a simply wonderful weekend at Scarborough Science Fiction festival in April, as usual. Thanks so much to readers old & new as well as fellow fanatics that took


My stall at Scarborough SciFi Festival. SciFi by the sea always a treat.

the time to come and say hi. Not least, thank you to the reader that told me she keeps the Orbit Series by her bed just to have it within easy-reach for re-reads. Made my day/weekend/year, in fact.

I’m spending the rest of the year concentrating on several all-new projects. I have the first draft of book 1 of a new series, Waste (Indiana Jones meets Mad Max, anyone?), to edit and shop around, whilst I try my hand at something in entirely different genre. Romance, in fact. Well, paranormal/romance/mystery/thriller crossovers to be precise.

Can’t be having it too simple, now, can I?

Granted, at first glance this appears to be a dramatic swerve away from all my projects so far. But as my focus has always been on character and relationships, albeit with an out-of-this-world backdrop, it was a pretty natural step for me. I’m a firm believer in it always being worth trying new things and I enjoy keeping my hand in with drafting whilst editing and shopping round a finished project.

Gotta keep writing, after all!

Stay tuned on Facebook or Twitter for more regular updates. And pictures of cats, most likely.

Again soon, my friends!


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It’s the most story-filled time of the year

apple-trees-in-winter-alamy-c3kkb7-580x435One of my favourite things about Christmas is the stories associated with it. It’s a time when we all re-visit many of their favourite stories, films and books. The comforting familiarity of these classics that, for many of us, have been with us since childhood, coupled with the long, dark evenings that provide ample justification for curling up with a book or in front of the TV, make this time magical for me.

So, here again in all its snow-clad glory, is a link to my Christmas-themed Short Story ‘Bleak Midwinter’ – my own re-telling of one of my most favourite festive tales.


Bleak Midwinter


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‘Life Cycle’ performed for #WordsAloud

UntitledHere’s a wonderful video of some lovely people performing my short story ‘Life Cycle’ at Lancaster Fun Palace’s event ‘Words Aloud’ at the Dukes Theatre in Lancaster.

So nice to hear it out loud, a completely new experience and most welcome.

To see the video, follow this link:

To read the original story, click here

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I do enjoy a bit of cross-genre fun

Werewolves howl. Phantoms prowl. Halloween’s upon us now! So let’s settle down with something on the spooky side of crime fiction. Here’s the first of this week’s special selection of chilling thrillers, exploring the mysterious hinterland between hardboiled noir and the beasts which prowl in the far beyond… Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg Let’s kick […]

via Criminal Halloween Reading — MurderMayhem&More

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Lancaster Event – The Orbit Series Turns 3. Book signing and CAKE

It’s hard to believe buy 3 years ago this month Zero, book 1 in the Orbit Series, launched. To celebrate that and the two sequels that have followed, I’m teaming up with Alternative Clothing and Gifts Store Ahoy in Lancaster (which also turns 3 this month!) to celebrate with book signings, raffle, cake and more.

Find out more on the Facebook event here.

See you there!


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Hi everyone!

Just a quickie.

First off, CoxCon was so amazing. Thanks to John and Gen and all you wonderful folks, I sold a record amount of copies. I want to thank everyone who came to speak to me, talked to me about reading/writing/scifi/films, bought the books or made the special effort to come and see me to tell me how much then enjoyed them. Made my year, it really did.

I’m not in this for the sales, I’m in it for the stories. Writing stories that people enjoy, in however small a way, is my Primary Directive. Discovering I’m achieving that never gets old.

I’m channelling all the positive energy into the next project. Draft 1 of Book 1 on the new series is going well. I’m about 1/2 way through, hoping to have a manuscript finished and ready to pitch to agents at the beginning of 2018. Nail biting stuff! But it’s so much fun trying something different.

More details soon!

In the mean time, this October will be the anniversary of book 1 in the Orbit Series, Zero, launching back in 2014. The Orbit Series is 3 years old! To celebrate I’m going to do a local book signing event in Lancaster at the wonderful Ahoy shop.

All covers



It is also Ahoy’s third birthday too so we’re going to have a joint birthday party: cake, books, sale on awesome clothes. What else could one need at a weekend?

Date and details to be announced soon!

Peace & love, fellow adventurers

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Counting Down to CoxCon 22.7.17

Greetings all.

This week I am mostly beavering away at Draft 1 of Book 1 of a brand new SciFi series (oooooo tease…all I’ll say right now is Indiana Jones meets Mad Max), getting super excited to be drafting something new and counting down to the epic gaming/youtube event that is CoxCon.

CoxCon is Sat 22nd and Sun 23rd July this year at the Telford International Centre, Midlands. I’m excited because it’s always such a great event with great vibes and really friendly people.

Looking forward to seeing faces old & new and getting updated on what’s new in the world of gaming (something I am woefully uninformed on!). Interest in the Orbit Series is always high too and it’s so fun speaking to people who are part way through or have finished the series.

Find out more about the event and order your tickets here


Guests this year included Youtuber/gaming aficionado Jesse Cox (of course), the lovely couple Sam Strippin & Dodger and the always-hilarious Crendor.

I don’t claim to be any kind of expert, or even know very much at all, about the subject matter of their very popular YouTube stations, but what I do know is they are a kind, friendly bunch and enormously entertaining performers. Though I will miss seeing my good friends John & Genna Bain this year (popular Youtubers/games reviewers/cosplay geniuses and, also, to all intents and purposes my brother- and sister-in-law) but will be seeing them another time very soon, so very pleased about that.

This is my only current booked event in the near future. I have pared it back on events this year to concentrate on drafting the new novel, though I may do an 3-year anniversary event in Lancaster in October to commemorate the day book 1 in the series, Zero, was launched three years ago.

Wow, has it been 3 years? It’s so weird, three years isn’t that long, but so much has happened and the books have come so far, it feels like these stories have always been a part of me. Perhaps they have, and it just took that offer from Dagda Publishing in 2014 to get the ball rolling. It’s been a dream come true, in short, and it’s not over yet.

Stay up to date on Facebook and Twitter for any dates of any more events and news of the new series. And cat pictures and SciFi memes, most likely.

Peace be with you, friends.

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Silence Re-Release & SciFi by the Sea

Good afternoon, all!

I’m very pleased to announce that Book 3 in the Orbit Series Silence has been re-edited and is now slimmer, trimmer & better edited (phew!). Copies of the new edition are currently only available in hardcopy straight from me either in person for £8.99 at the Scarborough SciFi festival 8th & 9th Apr or through the post (contact me through Facebook or Twitter to arrange and order, £10 including postage )


New Edition Released Mar 2017


I am hoping to have the Amazon files updated ASAP so you can get it for your Kindles and/or order internationally.

I’m so happy that Orbit Series is complete and out there, chugging along under its own steam and (hopefully) building its own momentum. It’s been one heck of a journey!

Never to rest on those laurels, I’ve already started drafting a new series. It’s super exciting playing with brand new characters in a brand new setting. That’s all I will say for now.

For now, I’m just getting excited for Scarborough SciFi Festival weekend of 8th April! Always have such fun at that event.

Scifi Poster

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Silence Re-Release Mar 2017

Hey all!

Silence, the third and final instalment of the Orbit Series, has had a spruce-up. Story is unchanged, but language has had a polish. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, hang fire for this newer, shinier edition due for release this March.

Details soon!

Click here for the rest of the Orbit Series for Kindle or as Paperback from Amazon

Click here to read more about the Orbit Series

Silence small


All covers

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2017 Events

Greetings all and a very Happy New Year to you all.

I’m currently just over half-way through the ‘bonus-edit’ of Silence and really pleased with the transformation so far. I regret that it got released before it was really ready last year, but it has still received from great feedback either way. This spruce-up will just make the second and final edition that much tighter (and typo-free!). I expect this to be released and ready to order by end of March.

Whilst that rolls on in the background thought it was time to announce the events so far booked for 2017:

Scarborough SciFi Festival

Sat 8th & Sun 9th April 2017

The Spa, Scarborough

sfs_2017_poster_a_webYes table is confirmed: I shall be returning to this wonderful two-day festival of SciFi by the sea this April. It’s always a great trip – one of the friendliest and most fun cons I’ve every known. This will be my third consecutive year and I’m already very excited to be returning with all three Orbit Series novels.

Tickets and more detail available through their website (click here)




CoxCon 2017

Sat 22nd and Sun 23rd July 2017

International Centre, Telford

eu40lj0wReturning here again, also for the third year, will be huge amounts of fun. Always lovely attendees, great stalls and a wonderful atmosphere all round. Always nice to catch up with my in-laws, John & Genna Bain, from across the pond too.

Tickets and more detail available through their website (click here)



For further details of upcoming events, see my events page.

I will be attending all events this year with copies of all three Orbit Series novels.

All covers

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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