Winter is coming. So is 2017.

Greetings fellow space adventurers!

Just a quick note to say I’M STILL HERE. I know I haven’t posted in a fair while – not since the launch of the third and final book in my Orbit Series, Silence, in August.



Halloween is my favourite time of year for stories. Feels like the right time to account for my own!

(You can also scroll down to the bottom of this post for another link for the Orbit Series)

But whilst I am absent I am not idle. In this Halloween season, stuff be a-brewin’ in my cauldron of plans and schemes!

First though, it needs to be said how EXCITED I am that my first ever series is out there in full, flying under its own steam, jetting through the ether. I’m really looking forward to seeing where it takes itself from here. I’ve done my bit. It’s up to the quality of stories now how far the series will travel from here. It’s like leaving a child at school for the first time…a school with reviews, comments and discussion boards and a lot of bullies.

Leaving that thought quickly behind…

One task completed means preparing to the next. I have big plans for 2017. 2017, I’m hoping, will be the year I write a book that might snag me an agent. Yeah, no pressure. However, I’m well prepared for the fact that the snagging process may take months or years. But either way, next year is when it starts. My 2017 Christmas present to myself will be having at least the first draft of a book that might pave my way forward into the big, scary world of mainstream publishing, finished and ready to work with.

I’m very proud of all I’ve achieved so far with the Indie press Dagda publishing and under my own steam, but it feels like it’s time to try something different. I’m curious to see just how far I can go.

So, as well as that teeny-weeny little ambition, 2017 will also see the re-release of Silence, book 3, or maybe a box set of the entire Orbit Series. In the spirit of full disclosure, the main reason for this is that observation after the fact has turned up a few errors in Silence that snuck through the editing process. And they bug me. Big time.

Apologies and my hugest thanks to everyone who’s ploughed through the current version. As a reader, typos make me scowl and hiss, and I really appreciate the amount of people that have soldiered on through the book despite these slip-ups and even to go on to say how much the enjoyed it. I’m hoping having the only copies of the compromised first edition in existence might one day make it up to you. As I say, I have ambitions!

So here’s me signing off as I retreat into my preparation cave for Autumn and Winter 2016, hopefully to return after Christmas with new editions of existing books and the start of some completely new ones.

Are we excited yet? I am.

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Silence, Orbit Series Book 3, OUT NOW

Hello everyone!

Silence smallApologies for not posting links/spamming/jumping around and yelling about the RELEASE OF MY THIRD BOOK sooner! Needless to say, it has a been a busy few weeks.

Silence, the third and final book in my Orbit series is OUT NOW.



The reason I’ve not posted sooner is that the book launched at CoxCon in Telford, UK, Sat 30th July and literally blasted into the stratosphere. I ran out of stock in the first two hours of the two day convention and have been posting out backed up ordered ever since.

Early reviews are really promising, calling the book ‘A fitting end to a great trilogy.’

To say I’m pleased is like saying the sea is wet. What a journey this has been.

For those who have journeyed with me, thank you and I only hope you’ve enjoyed the trip even a tenth of the amount that I have. To have three books out in two years is more than I ever dreamed of achieving and to have had so much fun with the stories and  characters is a very thick layer of icing on the cake.

I have loved this series, but it is time to bid adieu. At least for now. Webb, Hugo and friends, you have served me well and I hope I have served you well in turn. But either way, I think you’ve earned your retirement.

If you have not come across my Orbit Series before, find out more on my Orbit Series page and/or read reviews on Goodreads.

All covers

And so what’s next? Well. We’ll just have to wait and see!


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Silence Ebook Pre-Order

Greetings everyone!

Silence small


Getting increasingly excited about the launch of the third and final book in my Orbit Series, Silence, which blasts off at CoxCon, Telford and on Amazon this Saturday, 30th July!


The Advance Review Copies have been distributed (check your email inboxes, everyone who signed up!) but if you weren’t on the list, it is also available for pre-order on Amazon at a reduced rate of £2.99/$3,82

Click this link to be taken to Amazon.

I can’t wait for this to be out in the universe.

Find out more about my Orbit Series Here

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Silence – OUT 30.7.16

Silence small

Silence, Book 3 in J S Collyer’s ‘Orbit Series’, out 30.7.16

Kaleb Hugo has been missing for a year. He disappeared without trace or explanation, but popular rumour is that he has abandoned his position and his family to join the revolutionist group Red Star, alleged to be gathering force in a new colony on Mars and set on a future ruled by a democratically-elected Orbit Alliance and not the militarised Service.

Ezekiel Webb, his former crewmate and best friend, has, on the face of it, taken little interest in Hugo’s fate, rumoured or otherwise. The two men have barely spoken in years and Webb has immersed himself in his new life in the Eclipse Division of the Service. He is captain of his own undercover unit and whilst the Service Commanders don’t always approve of his methods, his abilities cannot be questioned.

It is these abilities that the Special Commander of the Service, Hugo’s mother, now needs to retrieve her youngest son from wherever he has fled to…or wherever he is being held…whether Webb is agreeable or not.

Webb will come to discover far more than he ever wanted to know about the new forces moving against the Service, both from without and within, and, invariably ends up caught in the eye of the rising storm, not knowing who of those around him he can trust, if anyone.

Discovery, betrayal and revelation lie ahead for two men that have journeyed further together than they ever thought they would and will once again learn that survival is a relative term when you turn your back on who you are.

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Free advance copies of ‘Silence’ up for grabs!


Silence smallSilence, the third and FINAL book in my Orbit Series is due for release on Sat 30th July 2016. That’s a mere matter of weeks away :O

And so, with a view to helping it reach readers who might enjoy it, it’s time to recruit wonderful Advance Review Copy readers! 

Who would like a FREE ADVANCE ebook copy of Silence, in exchange for an honest review for Amazon & Goodreads, to be posted on our around the release day of Sat 30th July? You will earn my undying gratitude and the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from helping readers find new books.

If you don’t know anything about my Orbit Series, find out more here!

I can’t say EXACTLY when the ARC copies will be distributed, but I’m hoping by the end of June at least at the latest.

If this is something that tickles your pickle, please comment below or get in touch with me via Facebook or Twitter with your email address and I will add you to the list.


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The Orbit Series

Now we’re on the final approach to the final landing of the final ship in my Orbit Series (i.e. the last book, Silence, Book 3, is due out this July) it’s time to start getting the old WordPress tidied up and streamlined!

To this end, I have updated my Orbit Series page, so that it is more comprehensive.

Click here to find out more about the series, the books available now and the dates and details of upcoming book 3.

This has been  an incredible and, for me, emotional and life-changing journey. And it’s not over yet!

Not aware of the Orbit Series? Read on, dear friends!

The Orbit Series by J. S. Collyer

All covers

The Orbit Series is J. S. Collyer’s first SciFi novel series. It has been described as ‘James Bond meets Firefly’ with  ‘Adrenaline-pumping action’ as well as ‘depth of character’. The first instalment, Zero, was listed in Northern Soul Magazine’s ‘Best Reads of 2014’.

It follows the story of Kaleb Hugo, a high-ranking military officer from a prestigious family who has his entire perception of the world he lives in and his position in it challenged by a twist of fate that results in him being thrust into the underworld of society. Existing amongst the criminals, the misfits and the malcontents of an Orbit where life is scraped from space station colonies orbiting an Earth constantly recovering from war, opens his eyes to more than just an alternate way of living.

One man in particular, Ezekiel Webb, born on the wrong side of the tracks but hopelessly entangled in the future of all humanity, despite his best efforts to remain inconsequential, will lead Hugo on a journey through levels of the universe and his own being that he never previously dreamt existed.

Neither will emerge the same.”

Click here for more info, including Goodreads/Amazon links

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Countdown to Silence

Well, it’s started. It’s 75 days until the 3rd and final book in my Orbit Series, Silence, is launched. It will go live on Amazon that day for paperback & ebook and I will also have paperbacks with me at Jesse Cox’s amazing Game Reviewers’ Con – CoxCon 2016.

13239252_1715247622064133_2787553822479691285_nI had a great time at this con last year, completely selling out of my first book in the series, Zero. I will be more prepared this year and will have plenty of copies of all three books. Also looking forward to seeing my brother- and sister-in-law John & Genna Bain also known as Mr. & Mrs. TotalBiscuit as well as all the marvellous indie game designers and enthusiasts I met last year.

So, how does it feel to have the third and final book in my first ever published series coming to a close?

There are too many things to list. I definitely am sad to be saying goodbye to these characters. I’ve loved working with them and discovering their stories. We’ve come a long way together and they’ve helped me figure out how to write books. But I also know in my heart their tales are done. Anything further in this universe, I feel, would just end up being filler.

Though never say never.

Silence smallBut either way, long-term, it’s exciting because it’s time for something new. (I already have the next series planned…are we surprised?) But it’s exciting in the short-term too because I’ve just finished the first round of edits on Silence and I’m very, VERY pleased with it. It tugs on my feels every time and I wrote it. I just hope readers feel it is a suitable conclusion to these characters’ stories. I look forward to finding out.

Books 1 & 2, Zero and Haven are available on Amazon as paperback or for Kindle, or will be available from me direct (with optional signing!) at any of my upcoming appearances.

Silence, book 3, will launch on Amazon on Sat 30th July for Kindle and as paperback and I will also have paperbacks with me at CoxCon same day. You will also be able to pre-order through me paying with PayPal, hopefully from end of June!


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SciFi By The Sea 2016 – Scarborough SciFi Festival


SciFi Scarbs for the win!

Another great event! This was Scarborough SciFi Festival’s third year and my second visit and I can say hands-down it is my favourite con. It’s a two-day event, which is great value for both traders, artists and attendees, with a fabulous atmosphere and great organisation in a wonderful location. But as well as all that, what really stands out about this con, is that the organisers work exceptionally hard not only to make it fun and packed with content and activities for everyone, but also go out of their way to make sure everyone is happy, have what they need and know where everything is, traders, guests and attendees alike.

Having been to some cons where you do just get lost in the crowd, can’t find your table, can’t find the toilet or even the way in, this is an absolute breath of fresh air. It feels more like a holiday than a day working a stall.


Oh I do like to be beside the seaside! I can definitely think of worse locations for a convention

There were some great guests including Star Trek Voyager’s Garrett Wang (who was an absolute scream), Norman Lovett of Red Dwarf fame and the always lovely Jon Campling form Harry Potter, who challenged everyone to retweet the details of his charity in exchange for a ‘Death Eater on a Unicycle’ stunt. Which he performed on day 2 with aplomb.

There was also ACTUAL stuff from the ACTUAL Dredd movie which had me exploding all over the Ocean Room with excitment. I GOT TO TOUCH DREDD’S BIKE! By all accounts it goes, too. They had to hold me back from riding off across the stage on it.


My stall before I sold out

And, as well as all this, my Orbit Series books 1 & 2 went down a storm. I expected to have a few people dropping by for book 2, Haven, after having picked up book 1, Zero, last year, but the flush of new, keen faces (who also happened to be SciFi fans, naturally) cleared me out of Zero within a few hours of the first day!

All I can say is bring on Scarborough SciFi Festival 2017!



My next events this year are Edge-Lit, Derby and CoxCon, Telford, both in July. Book 3, Silence, is also set for launch at CoxCon so that’s doubly exciting!

More detailed posts about Silence, third and final book in the Orbit Series, to come.




Silence small

Silence, Book 3 in the Orbit Series, will be launched at CoxCon July 2016

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‘Silence’ – Book 3 in the Orbit Series Cover Reveal

Well, how’s this for a pretty thing?

More detailed post to come, but I couldn’t not-share this. Silence will be the 3rd and final book in my Science Fiction Orbit Series.

Silence small

This wonderful cover design was made by the amazingly talented Matt Davis of Rock and Hill Design Studio.

Books 1 & 2 of this series, Zero & Haven have been enjoyed by fans of SciFi and general fiction alike since Zero hit the shelves in 2014 and have been described as ‘James Bond meets Firefly’. They are both available on Amazon as ebook or paperback, or you can contact me direct on Facebook or Twitter for a signed copy (UK only, small postage charge applies).



After the truly humbling success of books 1 & 2, it makes me so happy to bring you Silence, the final chapter of my journey with these characters. And, just to warn you, it turns the dial up to 11 story-wise. I have ensured that it is packed with the intrigue, drama and action that everyone has said they’ve enjoyed about the first two, and more.

It is scheduled for release at CoxCon 2016, Telford, UK on July 30th 2016. Amazon release same day.

Mark it in your calendars, fellow space adventurers!



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Event Announcement – Lancaster LitFest Fri 18th Mar 2016

Greetings all!


Lancaster LitFest this year runs 17th – 20th Mar 2016

Very excited to announce that I’ve been invited to take part in this year’s Lancaster Litfest. LitFest has been going for many years, and is widely recognised as a highly-acclaimed festival that attracts great writing names as well as fiction fans of all kinds.

Litfest develops writers, engages readers and audiences, and celebrates literary excellence. The annual festival has been staged since 1978 and they alos have a range of other publishing, development and participatory projects that have positioned the organisation at the heart of Lancashire’s cultural and creative activity.

2016 will be the first year they do a night dedicated to SciFi/Fantasy and other none-literary, ‘alternative reality’ fiction. And they’ve asked me to be involved!

I’m extremely excited. I will be on a panel alongside Eddie Robson, SciFi novelist who also has written Dr Who episodes as well as other writing for TV and radio. We will be doing readings and answernig questions.

There are more details on the website and Facebook event.

I am very much looking forward to attending this festival and meeting other local fiction fans and writers. Hope to see some of you there!

For a full list of all my events & appearences (at which you can purchase signed copies of my Orbit Series novels) see my events page

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