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Book Review: “Happy Hour at the Misery Bar” Sean L. Marco – poetry collection

Sean L. Marco’s debut collection is an emotive and sharp collection of work. It has the potent tang of youth combined with passion about it. It is introspective and, as you would expect from the title, the tone is dark … Continue reading

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Book Review: Western Haiku: A Collection

I don’t know much about poetry and I know even less about haiku, but I do understand how incredibly intense it can be when it’s done well. The introduction to Western Haiku: A Collection, recently released by Dagda Publishing in … Continue reading

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Poem – ‘Milk and Sonnets’

A rare attempt at a traditional poem structure and formal rhyme scheme. Milk and Sonnets There is sometimes, somewhere inside me, a creature that likes to writhe and burn. It’s tough to force it to obey me, whatever I teach, … Continue reading

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Test Submission: Poem, ‘Window Pane’

You’re a ghost in the wind, a skein of silk caught on a nail, tattered edges fluttering like moth wings, against a blood stained window pane.   Ribboned hem licks vainly, like a dragon tongue in a forgotten fairytale, tasting … Continue reading

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Welcome to my Web Log

Hello and welcome to my Web Log. I intend to use this to track and share my various writing projects, old and finished pieces as well as new and progressing ones. I hope to post my short stories, poetry and … Continue reading

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