‘Sanction and Sin’ Warhammer Crime Anthology – OUT NOW

Greetings everyone!

I am thrilled to announce that Sanction and Sin, Black Library Warhammer 40k crime anthology featuring ‘Blood Ballot’ a short story by yours truly, is OUT NOW.

You can order direct now from Games Workshop or pre-order from Amazon.

I’m so chuffed and honoured to be considered good enough to be included in this collection alongside so many wonderful new and veteran Black Library names.

I was even more honoured to be asked to participate in a joint interview along with some of the others by Michael over at Track of Words.

Click here to read this thought-provoking piece about Warhammer Crime and Women in BL.

I found it such a wonderful experience to work with the editors of Black Library and get to know this world and the great authors in it. Fingers crossed I get to try my hand at more in the future.

Watch this space!

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