400 Followers! Yowzer :D

So awesome to have hit 400 followers here on WordPress! Giant greetings, hugs and high-fives to all of you!

WHAT 400?!?

Let us adventure forth together :D There is much still to explore!

Connect with me in other ways and never miss a book or event announcement, review, other news and many, many Star Wars memes.





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Haven Launches at ‘Out Of This World’ Fiction Fest, Lancaster, Sat 7.11.15!

Haven, sequel to Zero, is being launched at Out Of This World Fiction Fest, Lancaster, Sat 7th Nov 2015

Haven, sequel to Zero, is being launched at Out Of This World Fiction Fest, Lancaster, Sat 7th Nov 2015

Get the diaries, reminder apps & calendars marked, folks! The launch of Haven, the second book in my Science Fiction Orbit Series, will be happening at ‘Out Of this World’ Fiction Fest at the Gregson Arts & Community Centre, Lancaster, UK on Saturday 7th November 2015 12pm – 4pm!

I’ve giddy as a child on lemonade. Not only to I get to launch Haven, the sequel to Zero, which has been gaining a bigger and bigger readership since its launch in 2014, including being listed in Northern Soul Magazine’s Top Reads of 2014 and selling out entirely at CoxCon 2015, but I get to do it at this event which will be attended by other authors and artists in the SciFi, Fantasy and Horror vein in my very own home town.

Also attending to launch his first Science Fiction novel is Eddie Robson: Writer of BBC Radio 4’s Welcome To Our Village and Please Invade Carefully. His other work includes Sarah & Duck, 2000AD, Hollyoaks and Dr Who spinoffs. His first novel, Tomorrow Never Knows has been released by Snowbooks and Out Of This World will be Robson’s first signing.

Tomorrow Never Knows by Eddie Robson is out now but copies will being sold & signed by the author himself at Out Of This World Fictino Fest

Tomorrow Never Knows by Eddie Robson is out now but copies will being sold & signed by the author himself at Out Of This World Fiction Fest

Also in attendance is the increasingly popular A S Chambers, paranormal detective author of the Sam Spallucci series and local legend. He has one of the best stalls of any author I’ve seen too so be sure to check it out.

There will also be local artists including Wayne Ashworth, The Watercolour Geek and Richard Disley of Low Horror Art selling prints and original works.

It really will be a one of a kind event to get some great original, limited edition or signed products as well some unique Christmas presents.

The Facebook Event is now online  but never fear: I will not be shutting up about it on Facebook or Twitter between now and then so you’re unlikely to forget the date!


There are more attendees and guests to be announced including comic sellers, more authors and artists and all sorts, so keep an eye on the event.

(Did I hear someone say ‘But what about the cake?’ YES THERE WILL BE FREE HAVEN CUPCAKES!)

Hope to see you there, folks, and don’t be shy about spreading the word!

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Publication Update

J. S. Collyer:

Full your kindle/shelves with these weird and wonderful collections of horror, dystopian and speculative fiction all featuring fast-up-and-coming horror writer M J Wesolowski. The guy is building up some serious steam so get in on the ground floor as his short fiction gains pace and attention in these publications. Then you get to say ‘I read him when’ :D

Originally posted on Beyond The North Waves:

Forgive a little self-promotion (it won’t take too long, I promise)

– just to be clear, I don’t intend to use this blog to promote my own writing, but there has been a little surge of late where a few of my short pieces of fiction have popped up in anthologies. If, for some reason, you enjoy my little brain-dribbles here; below is a list of more refined work which you can acquire…

My 2013 novella ‘The Black Land’ is available for only 99p (or 99cents) from the lovely folk at Blood Bound Books…

Black Land

When American resort tycoon Martin Walker travels to England in hopes of acquiring a lonely island off the northeastern coast, he brings his family along for the trip. Only then does he learn the island’s long-abandoned keep carries with it a legacy of terror.
Some say the ghosts of Viking raiders, clad in wolf-skins and drunk on slaughter…

View original 526 more words

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CoxCon 2015: What A Blast!

All set up and ready to go at CoxCon 2015 day 1

All set up and ready to go at CoxCon 2015 day 1

I attended my first Gaming con over the weekend. CoxCon was the official UK meet-and-greet for YouTuber, broadcaster and games reviewer Jesse Cox. He also had fellow Internet personalities Brooke Lawson (AKA Dodger), Sam Thorne (Sam Strippen), Eric Hraab (WowCrendor) and John & Genna Bain (TotalBiscuit and…Mrs Biscuit?) in attendance chairing panels, discussion groups, signing autographs and playing live games.

As I’m new to this gaming world I wasn’t sure what to expect. My primary reason for going was to see John & Genna (my partner’s brother and sister-in-law) who I haven’t seen since their move to the states several years ago. I was really looking forward to seeing them

My & Genna. Was lovely to see her again!

Genna & me. Was lovely to see her again!

again and it was they who suggested I have a stall in the exhibitors’ room. And wow, was I glad they did!

I sold out of paperbacks in a matter of hours of this two-day con opening. It was staggering. I was overwhelmed! I even had people come and order more from me for when I get my next stock in.

(To everyone who ordered one: the publisher is placing an order for new paperbacks within the next couple of days so will be sending those out as promised within a fortnight!)

This was a con of people wanting to find new things as well as support independent artists and designers and broadcasters, people who love what they do so much they make it their life’s work.

My fellow exhibitioners were mostly indie game developers. It was really interesting finding out about their work and how they shop and show their games around the UK and European cons, as well as drawing comparisons between the lives of indie game designers and authors and artists. There were a lot to be drawn: at the end of the day, we’re all trying to get our art out there and doing it mostly using the sweat off our own backs and the money in our own pockets. It was wonderful to be surrounded by so many like-minded people pursuing their ambitions and dreams.

The two games that I thought were the most entertaining were RPG Tycoon by SkaTanic Studios (think Theme Hospital meets Age of Empires – available now on Steam) and Mayan Death Robots by Sileni Studios (like Worms but bigger, better and with aliens! Also available now on Steam).

But it wasn’t just the attendees enthusiasm for the exhibits that was invigorating: this con was also wonderfully friendly, inclusive and fun.

Signing a book with people literally waving money at me! This is the dream

Signing a book with people literally waving money at me! This is the dream

Even the panel discussions on current games, gaming issues and future projects, a lot of the content of which went over my head as a non-gamer, were wonderfully entertaining, even to someone who didn’t know all the context or in-jokes. This was a group of people who really knew their stuff, were passionate about their interests, and all the guest speakers were born entertainers.

I will definitely be back next year. With a mountain of paperbacks!

Sold out of paperbacks in a little over three hours

Sold out of paperbacks in a little over three hours

Thank you Jesse for organising a wonderful event, to all the volunteers for pulling it off and, of course, to John & Gen for their continuing support and help promoting my books, as well as, of course, their wonderful friendship. Here’s to next year!

For anyone who missed out on a copy

Zero, my debut novel with action, adventure, intrigue and SPACE PIRATES is available from Dagda Publishing through Amazon as both ebook & paperback!

Click here for Zero on Amazon.

The sequel, Haven, is out in October.

Click here to find out more and add Haven to your to-read list on Goodreads!

All being well, I will be back at CoxCon 2016 with both novels! I’ll see y’all there, right?

Thanks to the power of the internet and power couple that is John and Genna Bain, this picture of me and TotalBiscuit is currently making it's way around the world on Twitter. I won't be forgotten in a hurry I imagine!

Thanks to the power of the internet and power couple that is John and Genna Bain, this picture of me and TotalBiscuit is currently making it’s way around the world on Twitter. I won’t be forgotten in a hurry I imagine!

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The Books That Shaped My Life: Guest Post by JS Collyer

J. S. Collyer:

Head on over to Beyond the Northern Waves, Horror writer and all round excellent egg M J Wesolowski’s WordPress for my guest post on the books that shaped my life

Originally posted on Beyond The North Waves:

Finding out what makes fellow writers tick is a constant source of fascination. Reading, as writing, is a very solitary process and in its formative years often shares the same innocence, that same lack of conformity and influence.

in this month’s blog – close personal friend and SF author JS Collyer goes completely against what I asked her for and gives a revealing summary of the most important books and authors that shaped her as she grew into word-spitting space creature she is today. (I’m not having a go here, it’s great!)

If you want to learn more about JS Collyer (and by rights you should, she embraces social media with the same enthusiasm that I endure it like an uncomfortable adolescent in a family photograph) her blog is here, her Twitter is here and she also has a Facebook with the highest concentrate of Star Wars memes on this…

View original 1,366 more words

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Thought for the day…

If there are ever Orbit Series movies made…I definitely want mind.in.a.box involved in the soundtrack.

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ARC copies of Haven have been launched!

Advance electronic copies of book 2 in the Orbit Series, Haven, have been sent out today

Advance electronic copies of book 2 in the Orbit Series, Haven, have been sent out today

Greetings fellow adventurers!

A massive THANK YOU again to everyone who offered to receive an advance copy of my next novel Haven in exchange for a review to be posted on the general release date of 24th October. I’m chuffed as cheese to announce that these have now been sent out.

Check your, inboxes peeps!

If you think you should have one and it’s not appearing in your inbox, be sure to check your junk folder too just in case.

Many thanks yet again. A writer is nothing without their readers and you have all helped my stories fulfil their potential just by letting them be read. I sincerely hope you enjoy. Fingers crossed you like it as much as Zero!

For anyone who hasn’t read any of my Orbit Series yet, it’s a character-driven, space-pirate and action-packed romp through the not-too-distant future. Book 1 Zero is out now on Amazon. Book 2, Haven, is out October 24th but in the mean time you can mark it to-read on Goodreads.

Happy travels, space cadets!

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Event Annoucement: CoxCon, International Centre, Telford, Sat 1st Aug 2015

Greetings everyone!

Hope all is well.

Haven, Book 2 in the Orbit Series, contiues the adventures of the Zero crew and is out Oct 2015

Haven, Book 2 in the Orbit Series, contiues the adventures of the Zero crew and is out Oct 2015

First of all, I want to thank all the wonderful people who have got in touch to request an Advance Review Copy of my next book, Haven. The ebooks are being formatted as we speak and I’m hoping to have them disseminated in the next few days. Keep an eye on your email inboxes!

Haven is book 2 in my Orbit Series, sequel to Zero which was released last year and continues to do well. It is a character-driven space pirate romp set in the not-too-distant future that made it into Northern Soul Magazine’s Best Reads of 2014.

Find out more about Zero & Haven on my Orbit Series Page, read reviews on Goodreads or head on over to Amazon for a paperback or ebook of book 1.

Book 2, Haven, will be out for general release in October.


CoxCon is Sat 1st Aug 2015 at the International Centre, Telford, Shropshire. SOLD OUT

I am also thrilled to announce that I will now be in attendance at CoxCon 2015! This event takes place on Sat 1st Aug at the International Centre in Telford, Shropshire. CoxCon 2015 is an event for folks who like their games reviews and Youtuber Jesse Cox’s chance to meet his UK and EU fan base. It will be a two-day convention with panels, games, and a chance for fans to meet Jesse and others.

I’m looking forward to this event not only because it’ll be something a bit different AND because it’s just down the road from the town where I grew up, but also because it will be a chance to see my partner’s brother, John Bain (AKA games review, broadcaster & journalist TotalBiscuit) and his lovely wife Genna who we have not seen in several years.

Looking forward to a good catch up as well as a chance to hopefully meeting some new readers and SciFi fans as well as take part in all the games available!

Unfortunately, tickets for this event are all sold out. I believe they sold out in a matter of hours, in fact. But if you were one of the lucky few that snagged one, do swing by and say hi!

To check out all my confirmed events so far for 2015 & 16, check out my Events Page.

Hope to catch you at one of them soon!

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Call for ARC Readers of Haven (i.e. free advance ebook up for grabs!)

Haven, Book 2 in the Orbit Series, contiues the adventures of the Zero crew and is out Oct 2015

Haven, Book 2 in the Orbit Series, contiues the adventures of the Zero crew and is out Oct 2015

Can I tempt anyone to some FREE fiction? And that’s FREE fiction BEFORE everyone else gets their hands on it?

I tease ye not!

As some of you may already know, Haven, book 2 in my Orbit Series and sequel to the laser-blasting space-pirate-packed Zero, is due for release by Dagda Publishing this October. It continues the story of Kaleb Hugo who continues to try to find stability in an unstable universe, as well as protect those he cares about against impossible odds. The final script is days away from being formatted and I am calling for people who would be up for a preview of the e-book in the next few weeks, in exchange for a review!

The review would need to be posted on Amazon (and anywhere else you like!) on the launch date of the 24th October. You are in a better position to enjoy & review if you have already read book 1 (Zero is available on Amazon in hardcopy or for Kindle – CLICK HERE), though this is not absolutely essential.

The Orbit Series has so far been enjoyed by fans of science fiction the vein of Star Wars, Firefly and Ghost in a Shell, but plenty of people who never read scifi still enjoyed Zero, so don’t think you have to be a die-hard fan of the genre to enjoy it.

Check out my Orbit Series page and/or reviews & ratings of Zero on Goodreads and Amazon if you want more of an idea.

Haven is now also up on Goodreads

If you would like to be added to the list for an Advance Review Copy, comment below or get in touch with me by message through Facebook or Twitter. All I will require is an email address!

Thanks in advance and thanks already to everyone who has already volunteered. You should receive your copy soon!


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Author Interview: Fantasy/Horror Writer C J Somersby

Greetings fiction fans. A treat for you today!

Horror/Fantasy Writer C J Somersby is about to see his debut novel Conquest released by Dagda Publishing. Conquest is the first book in the ‘Angels of Chicago’ series which promises to be a big hit amongst fans of supernatural fantasy. It’s about Private Investigator Samuel Black who has strange powers and is commissioned by an angel to stop the apocalypse.

Aye. Epic.

Find out more on Goodreads.

Conquest is released in July on Amazon (Kindle pre-order available now) and I was able to corner C J to find out more about this great debut and his experience so far with writing and publishing.

C J Somersby, Author of Conquest, Interview

 So how long have you been writing?

Conquest is Book 1 in C J Somersby's 'Angels of Chicago' series and is available for pre-order on Kindle now. Due for general Kindle & Paperback release July 1st from Dagda Publishing

Conquest is Book 1 in C J Somersby’s ‘Angels of Chicago’ series and is available for pre-order on Kindle now. Due for general Kindle & Paperback release July 1st from Dagda Publishing

As long as I can remember. My father has still got a few hand-drawn comics and newspapers that I enjoyed making when I was very young. School almost killed reading & writing as an enjoyable pastime and it petered out when I got to my late teens, but in recent years I’ve rediscovered my enjoyment of literary creation.

Tell us a little more about your debut paranormal fantasy novel Conquest.

Conquest is the first novel in a planned series of apocalyptic fantasy fiction stories called ‘The Angels of Chicago’. It centres around a Chicago detective named Samuel Black, who is dubiously gifted with certain psychic abilities. He is approached by a renegade angel called Alleam, who wishes to use those psychic abilities to help him track down the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and stop the end of the world. It’s a book with angels, hellish minions, bikers and explosions, so I think there’s a few people out there that might find it interesting.

Have you always liked this sort of genre? And what were your influences?

In the past, I’ve largely been a science fiction writer, and an approach to stories that are based in our current time period is something that is a bit new to me. However, apocalyptic fiction itself is something that I’ve always found fascinating. As a teenager, I was intrigued by concepts like nuclear war and virus weapons, which is something that has developed into another interest I have in all things zombie-related.

Generally speaking, I’m influenced by the works of Jim Butcher (Dresden Files), Stephen King, and the structural style of Lester Dent’s short fiction. With regards to The Angels of Chicago specifically, I would recommend it to fans of Jim Butcher and the television series ‘Supernatural’, both of which influenced my writing of this series. I’ve also taken the time to delve into a number of literary works that deal with my apocalyptic subject matter to make sure I stay reasonably close to established lore, so I have been browsing the works of Milton, Dante, and the Bible itself to keep me on track.

What do you plan to do next?

My immediate plans are to promote the launch of Conquest when it becomes commercially available on July 1st. I am also currently writing a short piece of urban fantasy for an upcoming anthology of stories called ‘Undaunted’, which is being published by Larrikin Books and will be up on Kickstarter at the beginning of July. The sequel to Conquest is also in the planning phase.

How did you find the process of writing your first novel and getting it published?

I had never written something the length of a full novel before now, and the process was remarkably different to anything I have done previously. I spent a month on the planning process, drawing complex diagrams to make sure I knew where each character was going to be at any time. This developed into a series of chapter-by-chapter bullet points that formed the backbone of my daily writing plan.

Writing a novel is something like a war of attrition, as opposed to the brief skirmish of a short story. Enthusiasm waxes and wanes throughout the writing process, which is why most novels never end up being finished. It required me to learn a greater degree of discipline to ensure that I was getting words on the page at times when I wanted to give up and do something less mentally taxing. I was also managing severe anxiety problems at the time that would render me incapable of creation. But when the book was done, I felt incredibly accomplished that I had brought something of substance into the world.

Getting the novel published has been easier than the writing process. I was referred to Reg Davey of Dagda Publishing by a mutual friend. He expressed interest in the concept and the sample I provided, and that was that. Reg is a dedicated and passionate publisher who has gone out of his way to push Conquest out to as many people as possible. We are currently in the final week of raising marketing funds on Indiegogo, which will be accepting pledges until June 30th.

Where can people find out more about you and your work?

You can find myself and my quirky Facebook posts at www.facebook.com/cjsomersby and soon at my own website that is currently under construction but will be hosted at www.cjsomersby.com – keep updated on the Facebook page for when that goes live.

When is Conquest out and is there any way people can pre-order or support this project in other ways?

Conquest is released on July 1st. You can find the funding campaign for Conquest at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/conquest-by-c-j-somersby-marketing-campaign–2 – this also contains a summary of the novel’s setting and a list of perks you can receive for helping us raise money for the marketing process.

Conquest itself is up for pre-order on Amazon at http://www.amazon.co.uk/Conquest-Angels-Chicago-Book-1-ebook/dp/B00VTQOSVQ/ref=sr_1_6?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1435129053&sr=1-6&keywords=conquest

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