Lightning Update – Haven Launch, Crowdfunding, Swag, Pre-orders AND MORE

Haven, sequel to Zero, has been getting great feedback and is being launched at Out Of This World Fiction Fest, Lancaster, Sat 7th Nov 2015

Haven, sequel to Zero, has been getting great feedback and is being launched at Out Of This World Fiction Fest, Lancaster, Sat 7th Nov 2015

Greetings all and happy Friday to you all!

I quick update from me today! I spent four days over the last weekend at Oldfield House B & B in Windermere in the Lake District for a writing holiday. It was wonderful. If you’re looking for somewhere for a retreat in the north of the UK, I highly recommend the location and Oldfield House especially. It was friendly, very reasonably priced and a beautiful building with excellent breakfast and a lounge in which I sat to work every day. The owners also kept me well supplied with tea and biscuits which, I think we’ll all agree, are a must go-to fuel for any hard-working author. I got 42,000 words done in four days, bumping up the total of my current draft to 80,000 and getting me to a round half-way point in the draft which is more than satisfying.

So I’m currently elbow-deep in the draft trying to keep the momentum up and wrestling it to the finishing line. More details on this draft as and when I can release details.

And without further ado, here’s the main piece of news of today:

'Out Of This World Fiction Fest' takes place in the Gregson Centre, Lancaster, Sat 7th Nov 12 - 4 and features local authors and artists selling & signing unique, special and limited edition prints, books and comics

‘Out Of This World Fiction Fest’ takes place in the Gregson Centre, Lancaster, Sat 7th Nov 12 – 4 and features local authors and artists selling & signing unique, special and limited edition prints, books and comics

As many of you will know, the sequel to my first novel, Zero and book 2 in the Orbit Series Haven is being released by Dagda Publishing on Sat 24th Oct. I’m super excited, especially as more and more good feedback rolls in from the advance reviewers. I’m being informed that fans of the first book will definitely enjoy the direction the sequel takes. I’m having a little launch party in here in Lancaster on Sat 7th Nov at Out Of This World Fiction Festival at the Gregson Centre. There will be other authors and artists in attendance with limited edition signed books and prints, an absolute must for fans of SciFi, Fantasy, Steampunk, comics and anything and everything geeky, nerdy and out of this world. So be sure to put it on the calendar and I look forward to seeing you there!

Oh yeah, it’s FREE ENTRY too!

Click here for Facebook event.

If you haven’t read any of the Orbit Series yet, but like the sound of action-packed space-pirate-laden space opera in the style of Joss Whedon meets Ian Fleming, click here for Zero on Amazon.

And so, ahead of all this excitement, and anticipating just how far series might go given a decent lift, the publisher, Dagda Publishing will be launching a crowdfunding campaign next week for marketing and promotional monies. I’m very excited about this because not only will it give fans a chance to pre-order the book and some exclusive one-of-a-kind perks (including limited edition character design postcards, tshirts, posters and more!) but the money will go towards getting me to more cons and events, which are absolutely my favourite way to get the book to new readers.

If it does really well fingers crossed I’ll be coming to an event near you!


Watch this space as well as Facebook and Twitter for the official launch! I look forward to spreading the word about everything the publisher will have available to order :D

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Haven Teaser Extract (The Launch Is Coming)

Greetings everyone!

It’s Friday, woohoo!

Not only is it Friday, but it is also 6 weeks until Haven, the sequel to my SciFi novel Zero

Haven, sequel to Zero, has been getting great feedback and is being launched at Out Of This World Fiction Fest, Lancaster, Sat 7th Nov 2015

Haven, sequel to Zero, has been getting great feedback and is being launched at Out Of This World Fiction Fest, Lancaster, Sat 7th Nov 2015

and book 2 in the Orbit Series, launches on Sat 24th October! Find out more about Haven and the Orbit Series on my Orbit Series page and on Goodreads.

The feedback I’ve had so far from advance reviewers has been very encouraging. Some have said they felt it even stronger than Zero but all reviewers so far agree the Haven is an all-round fun, fast-paced and engaging story. I’m so pleased to have delivered a decent follow-up to Zero, which has been a success in its own right, frequently compared in style to the works of Joss Whedon and enjoyed by fans of SciFi and general fiction alike. It has also been selling out at my conventions and making it into ‘Top Reads’ lists in UK magazines!

If you have not read Zero yet, is available for Kindle or as a paperback from Amazon. Signed paperbacks are also available from me for a paypal payment of £10 including postage (get in touch through Twitter or Facebook if you would like to arrange this) or for £8.99 from me in person from any of my UK events and appearances (including Blackpool Comic Con TOMORROW 12.9.15!).

Zero was released Aug 2014 by Dagda Publishing and has blasted into the stratosphere, gaining fans of Scifi, action and general fiction alike. Available now from Amazon for Kindle or as paperback

Zero was released Aug 2014 by Dagda Publishing and has blasted into the stratosphere, gaining fans of Scifi, action and general fiction alike. Available now from Amazon for Kindle or as paperback

Haven will also be available for Kindle or as paperback from Amazon from 26th Oct 2015, and paperbacks will also be available alongside copies of Zero from me at Out Of This World Fiction Fest, 7th Nov, Lancaster as a double deal, so be sure to put that event in your diaries.

With all this I felt it was high time for an extract to whet your whistles. So with no further ado and purely for your own enjoyment (and mine, because I do like a tease) here is the opening of Haven. Enjoy!

(Add Haven to your to-read list on Goodreads here)

Haven: Book 2 in the Orbit Series


Habit made Hugo stand to attention as the officers filed out of Colonel Hudson’s office. None of them looked at him as they passed.

Hudson’s aide had to call him twice from the office doorway before he registered he was being summoned. Hugo unclenched his fists and made his body move. The colonel’s office was very ordered. A distant part of his mind remembered that he’d always approved of that. It used to comfort him, but now it only seemed to emphasise the chaos in his head.

Hugo attempted to focus as Hudson started speaking. She was young for a colonel. Younger than him. Better at her job, too. He remembered her as Colonel Luscombe’s aide, sorting the older man’s life in more ways than he even realised before he retired, and knew she was even more of a force to be reckoned with now she was making her own decisions. Good decisions, most of the time.

“Commodore,” she said again after a pause he hadn’t noticed. “Are you listening?”

Hugo didn’t answer. His heart was pounding and his fingernails were digging into his palms.

“Hugo,” Hudson said, standing from behind her desk. “This is serious.”

“What was the outcome?” Hugo’s voice sounded low and distant in his own ears.

Heat flared in Hudson’s face as she visibly controlled her temper. “Suspension. Effective immediately.”

“That’s not acceptable.”

“I don’t care if you think it’s acceptable. You were this close to a formal court martial. I don’t even want to admit to myself the favours I’ve had to call in to stop formal charges being filed.”

“I don’t care about formal charges. I need access to my team and equipment.”

“They’re not your team any more.”

Hugo felt something ripple over his skin, something that was almost feeling. “Ma’am, the culprits are at large.”

“And they will be apprehended by the appropriate teams.”

“They captured and tortured my officer. I can’t – ”

“No, Hugo,” Hudson’s brow clouded. “This is not a negotiation. You are suspended from the Eclipse unit and hereby removed as overseeing officer from all its missions. You are to turn in your pips and weapon and return home to await further instruction.”

“Ma’am…” he managed to keep his voice from shaking, but only just. “I can’t…I can’t leave this.”

“You’re going to have to.”

“Eclipse – ”

“Eclipse should never have taken on that insane mission. You don’t have the resources or the influence to pull off investigating Haven smugglers. It’s no wonder it ended in disaster. It will be passed on to the Analysts.”

“Ma’am,” Hugo said again. “The Analysts can’t follow the trail. They have no jurisdiction on Haven.”

“I am aware of this. But you were reckless, Hugo. You risked too much, too soon. You know Command is looking for any chance to shut Eclipse down. And you gave them a reason.”

Hugo clenched his jaw. “That team have earned their right to revenge.”

“This is exactly what I’m talking about,” Hudson said, voice rising. “We cannot have officers using Eclipse for personal vendettas. You got too close to this. You got cocky, soldier, and Marilyn Harvey paid for it. You’ve lost us this mission. You were lucky you didn’t lose us the unit.”

Hudson’s clouded face swam as he watched everything crumble away. “We’d named him,” he said, not knowing why. He couldn’t see the office any more, just a dark, swirling hole he was ready to fall into and drown in. “She’d chosen a name for our son.”

“I’m sorry,” Hudson said after a pause. She sounded it, too. But Hugo could barely hear anything over the rushing in his ears. “But there’s nothing can be done. Go home, Hugo. Go home and rest.”


He knew he could do neither. He found himself in an express lift in the Medic Centre after a blurred flyer ride from Headquarters. On some level, he knew it felt peculiar to not have the familiar weight of his gun at his hip but he couldn’t summon the energy to care.

Early spring sunshine was streaming through the hospital room window when he walked in, making it seem almost peaceful. The soundproof plexiglass looked out on the crowded skyways and towering buildings of central Sydney but kept the tumultuous noise at bay. The only sound in the room was the soft hush of Harvey’s sleeping breaths and the single monitor she was still hooked to that purred in the corner.

He sat in a plastic chair next to the bed, keeping his hands clasped together in his lap because he was afraid his touch would wake her. His jaw was clenched so tightly that it hurt. He tried to keep his eyes on her face, on the light eyelashes resting on her cheeks, the curl of her yellow hair on the pillow and the calmness that relaxed the new lines in her forehead and around her mouth. But his gaze always slid to the laser burns under her eyebrows where they’d managed to remove some of the scarring, or the bandaging that still swathed her neck and arms, and he’d have to shut his eyes and breathe through another internal assault.


He hadn’t heard the door. He let out his breath and opened his eyes. His brother Giles stood in the doorway, slight frown of concern creasing his lined forehead. Hugo got up and gestured him back out of the room, clicking the door shut behind them.

“Are they still keeping her under?”

“No,” Hugo said. “She’s just sleeping.”

“That’s good,” Giles prompted, searching Hugo’s face.

“What do you want?”

Giles sighed, glanced through the window at the sleeping figure, then took his elbow to steer him away from the door.

“I heard about the decision today,” Giles began. Hugo kept in step, not replying. “Look, Kale…I just…you’re not going to do anything stupid, are you?”

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Author Interview with Laura Enright, author of vampire novel ‘To Touch The Sun’

Laura Enright is the author of To Touch the Sun, the first novel in her vampire series set in Chicago published by Dagda Publishing and available through Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats

Laura Enright is the author of To Touch the Sun, the first novel in her vampire series set in Chicago published by Dagda Publishing and available through Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats

I was able to snag the lovely Laura Enright for an interview after she was kind enough to interview me on her own website.

Laura is the author of To Touch The Sun, a vampire novel with a twist that was released Feb 2014 by Dagda Publishing which I reviewed last year.

Read my review of TTTS, ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Blood’ here.

It was great to get a chance to interview a fellow fan of vampire fiction with a twist, and Enright really has some great insights into the process of writing and publishing, as well as the fluid ideas od genre and catagorisation.

Author Interview: Laura Enright

To Touch The Sun is an adventurous vampire Novel, released Feb 2014 by Dagda Publishing

To Touch The Sun is an adventurous vampire Novel, released Feb 2014 by Dagda Publishing

Would it be fair to call To Touch The Sun paranormal fantasy?

Actually it’s kind of funny. I created a scientific cause of vampirism in the series so it’s not really paranormal. But as the series goes on, I do bring in paranormal elements (beginning in the third one which features a set of paranormal investigators that become involved in the story) not connected with the vampirism element. So there will definitely paranormal aspects coming along later in the series. I think you’d probably describe To Touch the Sun and its sequel (soon to be released) Ujaali more urban fantasy.

So how long have you been writing?

I think I fell in love with telling stories somewhere in second grade. I wrote a novel about a woman who finds a dog on the beach (which I think is the fantasy of so many little girls) when I was 12 on notebook paper, that I bound with staples and drew a cover for (a foray into self-publishing I guess before it was popular). I started a number of novels in high school (written in the notebooks when I should have been paying attention to the lessons) but I never had a lot of confidence when I was young so very often I would put down the project when an idea for a new novel came into my mind. That was one of the things I really had to work to change. I had to learn how to stick with a project, because writing can take a lot of work between writing the story, editing the story, putting down a number of drafts until you feel you have it right. I really had to learn some discipline (and to believe in the story). I wrote a lot of “Roald Dahl: Tales of the Unexpected” type stories (we had just gotten the series over in the U.S. after I graduated high school). The Twilight Zone sort with a surprise at the end. Those were fun. But then life took a hold of me and shook me around a bit so I didn’t put the dedication that I needed to into actually getting published. But I never stopped writing or telling the stories in my head.
Tell us a little more about To Touch The Sun

Narain Khan is 25 years old when he leaves his native India to fight in the trenches of the Western Front during WWI. It was his hope that he could stay on after the war to learn the art of European cooking because his dream is to become a chef. Wounded during a push across No Man’s Land, he and his fellow soldiers fall victim to a pack of feral vampires who roam the countryside. Not everyone becomes a vampire if attacked, but those who do usually become one of two types of vampires. Ferals, like the ones who attacked him, basically lose who they were before vampirism. They become wild and violent, their only interest being the acquisition of blood. Often they hibernate in the ground until something like a war attracts them. Sentients, on the other hand, retain their sense of self and, with some restrictions, can move about in society without their condition being detected. Narain becomes a sentient, but he’s troubled by what he’s become and what he must do to survive. As the years go by, he meets a Sophie and they fall in love. It’s discovered that he can feed off her without her turning into a vampire, so she becomes his food source, which makes his life easier. The novel opens in present day Chicago, a year after Sophie has died and the reserves she stocked for this inevitable occurrence are gone. Narain has reached a crossroads. He must return to hunting again, but the convenience of having Sophie as his food source for all these years has made him complacent and even though he doesn’t have to kill to feed, he finds it difficult to go back to something he always found so immoral. He has no choice, however, because if a vampire starves himself, even a sentient one, at some point the feral nature will take over and he could become extremely violent. Something neither he, a well-respected chef and owner of a popular restaurant in town, nor his normal business partner Dom Amato need. Adding to his stresses, is his growing attraction to Cassie Lambert, a scientist with an unexpected link to his past, as well as the re-emergence of Reginald Jameson, his old captain in WWI. Jameson was a sadistic bully while he served in the trenches; as a sentient vampire, his cruelty is backed by the power of his condition. There’s also a new, terrifying breed of vampire; Boris, a monster who destroys everything in his path. All these events conspire to drag Narain into a climactic struggle against himself, against Boris and against Jameson, who will stop at nothing to discover the secret Cassie has learned about the nature of Vampirism.

Have you always liked this sort of genre? And what were your influences?

The irony of this project is that while I enjoyed the vampire genre: watching the movies, reading the books (Anne Rice is a particular favorite), I never really had a desire to write a vampire novel. Years ago I was courting an agent. He didn’t go with the novels I sent him but encouraged me to keep sending him work. The last proposal I sent him was for an Asian dragon novel which he felt was close, but didn’t think the market was right for that at the time. But still he encouraged me to keep in touch. So I looked at their website to see what else they represented and noticed that they represented a vampire series. Now in 2005 my book Chicago’s Most Wanted: The Top Ten Book of Murderous Mobsters, Midway Monsters and Windy City Oddities was published because I finally decided that sometimes you have to zig zag to reach a goal (in my case, publishing). So while I always wanted to be a novelist, I took the chance and wrote a nonfiction book (which at the time I had no interest in doing but felt I should try because my friend had given me a connection to the publisher and it would get my foot in the door publishing-wise. And it did lead to another book in the series Vampires’ Most Wanted: The Top Ten Book of Bloodthirsty Biters, Stake-wielding Slayers and Other Undead Oddities). And I ended up really liking it.

So I figured I’d try writing a vampire novel and see if the agency would be interested in that. And when I met with the agent at a Sci Fi convention he liked the story I pitched. He told me to send him a proposal when the novel was finished, which I did. Unfortunately, as I discovered months later, he had left the business and the other agent wasn’t interested in it. Talk about a heart breaker.

As far as influences, I really liked the Anne Rice books so I probably was influenced by her attempts to humanize the vampires. One of the things that I found interesting in legends about vampirism were those tales in which some poor guy was walking along, was attacked, and suddenly his life changed because he became a vampire. In my stories a person doesn’t gain or lose a moral compass when they become a vampire. If you’re someone who is more psychopathic, then the hunting down of prey (whether you kill them or just steal the life essence) won’t bother you. But if you’re someone who, like Narain, was just some guy trying to get to another goal when this happened, someone who had a particular set of morals that are now challenged by what he needs to do to survive, it will be incredibly difficult. Even though he doesn’t have to kill to gain the substance he needs to survive, he still looks upon it as pickpocketing. I wanted to examine that aspect of the story: In a way it’s like a chronic disease you have to learn to live with. How do you live the long life you have to live without losing who you are? That idea really got me juiced.

Another influence might have been the scientific approach Richard Matheson takes in the novel I Am Legend in which vampirism is a disease. Making it physical as opposed to metaphysical helped me wrap my head around it.

Aside from humanizing the vampires a la Anne Rice I don’t think I had a lot of influences in the story itself (aside from using the ideas in old legends). I did have one idea that I gained from the true story of Albert Grau, the producer of “Nosferatu: Symphony of Horror”. According to a story I read about him he served in WWI (which was the time period when Narain in my story was turned into a vampire). According to this story, Grau spoke about being stationed, I believe it was in Bosnia, and hearing the legends of vampires that that culture had. But in my mind, for some reason, later the notion was turned around and the notion that stuck was that Grau would hear vampire legends from fellow Bosnian soldiers as they sat looking out into No Man’s Land. I started thinking about how creepy it would be to look out into this vast field of nothing and night and to see shadows moving around. In my mind they became the shadows of feral vampires who attacked the dead and dying in No Man’s Land so I thought that would be both a cool image for the book, but it would also give me a vampire—the ferals—who could be truly evil and crazy.

It’s funny what your mind thinks of when you’re focused on things.

The other curious influence for Narain and one of the things that helped push the story along was, of all things, a Bollywood film called “Main Hoon Na” starring Shah Rukh Khan. He’s one of my favorite actors and I really love this movie. Around the time I was trying to build this vampire character and this story, I saw this movie in which he plays a character that has to hide who he is and go to great length to protect those he loves. I suddenly realized that that’s dilemma that Narain faces. That was the sort of energy I wanted to bring to his life. It’s a dance he has to perform all the time. That’s another reason he was hit so hard by the death of Sophie: Because she helped him live a very normal life and her death threatens the normalcy they both created for him. In the sequel, Ujaali, his dilemma becomes even more personal as a mistake he made decades before comes back to haunt him. I think that’s why I chose the name Khan for his last name. A little nod to both the actor and the director of “Main Hoon Na.”

What do you plan to do next?

I have a few irons in the fire. I’m working with Dagda Publishers to get the sequel to TTTS out. The sequel is named Ujaali and I can’t say too much about it without giving some surprises away, but it takes Narain into an even darker place. While I envision the Chicago Vampire Series as a true series (and have two more stories waiting in the wings and am plotting out more), the first three novels could be considered a trilogy as we see Narain go through an emotional evolution. He’s tested by the death of Sophie in TTTS, and while he comes through that story, he still has lingering issues that cause his psyche to be especially tested by the events of Ujaali which are much more personal. I liken what Narain goes through in TTTS as basically a breakdown. Often times when people have breakdowns they and those around them think, okay the break has occurred, now it’s all a matter of getting better form here. But usually what happens in these cases is that while the person is getting better, sometimes they slip backward. That’s kind of how it is with Narian in Ujaali. Something very personal happens to cause him to have to fight extra hard to retain that part of himself that makes him Narain. I think it’s the personal aspect that makes this my favorite novel in the series. By the time the third novel comes around, he is whole again, comfortable in his life, but something outside of that threatens not only his existence but the existence of those he loves.

The fourth novel features a character that first makes an appearance in the second novel and addresses the issue: What if vampirism happens to you and you don’t have a castle in Transylvania to flee to? The fortunes of that character ebb and flow and in this story they start out very low. He is a vagabond and must figure out how to exist in the world with a very strange, sometimes inconvenient disease.

So building the Chicago Vampire Series is a big iron in the fire at the moment.

Recently I received a contract I have to review for my Asian dragon novel (at last). Called Court of the Five Tribes, it was inspired by the Asian notion of there being five elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Each element has a dragon tribe. But the Water Dragons find washed ashore on their beach a golden egg. Once the egg hatches it reveals a dragon that possesses characteristics of all five tribes. This is the story of this dragon, Ki Lau, who must learn what her purpose is to life. Along with that, on the mainland, a young emperor must save his kingdom from a warlord. In the meantime, a young wizard comes upon the influence of a dark god who wishes to destroy the world. It was pretty exciting to get the contract for this novel. This was one of the novels that I really wanted to see published.

Besides that, at the moment, I’m working on a nonfiction book with a man whose dad was falsely accused of being a loan shark in 1960s Chicago. It’s a compelling story about how the prosecution of the case ruined his father’s business and devastated the family. But it involves a lot of research not only of the case but of the Chicago Outfit, Italians in Chicago, etc. I really do believe an injustice was done here and want to help this man at least get his father’s story out there.

After that I have about a billion other ideas in my mind to get moving on. I don’t have a fire big enough for all the irons I have in the fire.

How did you find the process of writing To Touch the Sun and getting it published?

I’ve written a number of novels before this, but in a lot of ways this is my favorite I think because it came out of nowhere. As I mentioned, I wrote it as an experiment in the hopes of getting an agent but I really fell in love with it and the experience of writing it. All I had was a little idea, “vampire chef” and I expanded on it, never really knowing what I was doing with it in the beginning because like I said, I never had a story to tell. But as time went on and I understood the character better and got a better handle on his backstory, a story for the novel came about. It was actually really sort of exciting. In other novels I at least had an idea of the story from beginning to end. This I had no idea. I was seeing it take shape as I wrote it (and there were a couple of parts where the direction surprised me). What I ended up with was something very different than what I started with. And now I have four finished novels, ideas for more in the series and a spinoff novel featuring the paranormal investigators featured in the third vampire novel. I joke that the woman who never had a desire to write a vampire novel now can’t stop telling the stories.

Getting it published was a bit tougher. After the heart break with the literary agency (for which I in many respects wrote it), I shopped it around to other agents and a few publishers, but getting fiction published can be tough (I think it’s much easier to find a publisher for nonfiction). Publishing houses more and more aren’t willing to take a chance on a new author. Many people turn to self-publishing but I prefer to work with someone. Indie publishers are a nice answer to that. You have someone who can help you get the book out there. But you do have to take an active role in the marketing as well. I ran the novel past Re Davey at Dagda when they were opening up to fiction and he agreed to take it on. And it was exciting when I first saw it in book format.
Where can people find out more about you and your work?

They can check out my website at I have links to the books on Amazon, links to my blogs, news and interviews.

They can follow me on twitter @laura_enright

And they can check out my Facebook page

Click here to To Touch The Sun on Amazon

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Signed Copies of Zero up for grabs for £10 inc. postage

Greetings everyone!

Apologies for the quietness – I have been away in Holland camping in a field for a week for PsyFi Festival which mainly involved swimming in lakes, doing yoga and dancing to lots of loud music. It’s been great! I have come back refreshed and clear-headed and ready to motor on.

My next event is Blackpool Comic Con NEXT WEEK (Sat 12th Sep) which I’m IMMENSLEY looking forward to. There are some amazing guests, stalls and features lined up at this event and it is in danger of selling out, so if you haven’t got your ticket yet, get it now to avoid disappointment!

I will be in attendance with copies of Zero to sign & sell as well as all my usual limited edition goodies. If you’re planning on attending, do swing by and say hi, ESPECIALLY if you’re dressing up. One of my favourite aspects of a comic-con is seeing everyone’s wonderful cosplays.

Then after that is OUT OF THIS WORLD FICTION FEST in Lancaster on Sat 7th Nov which is also the launch of Zero’s sequel, Haven. I’m too excited about this to describe! There are other authors and artists in attendance at this event, as well as comic book illustrators and stalls who all deal in SciFi, Fantasy, Horror…all things OUT OF THIS WORLD. Best of all, this if FREE ENTRY TOO.



Fancy a signed copy?? £10 inc postage! Message me with your details through

Fancy a signed copy?? £10 inc postage! Message me with your details through

Now I have my latest stock of paperbacks for Blackpool, I’ve been thinking. I am aware of is that at the moment all my appearences and events are mainly in the north of the UK. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to venture further afield, but until then, if you would like a signed copy of Zero but are unable to make any of my events (full list on my events page), I am happy to send you a copy out to any UK address, signed with a personal message for £10 including postage (payment to be made via PayPal. Paperback is normally £8.99 and it’s £2.80 postage, so you’re definitely making a saving!)

Please Tweet me on Twitter or send me a message through my Facebook page if you would like one for £10 via PayPal :)

Alternatively, if you’re not bothered about being signed, you can of course get yourself a paperback or ebook from Amazon.


Either way, grab your copy ASAP as the sequel, Haven, is out Oct 24th and has already been gathering interest and good feedback from advance reviewers :D


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400 Followers! Yowzer :D

So awesome to have hit 400 followers here on WordPress! Giant greetings, hugs and high-fives to all of you!

WHAT 400?!?

Let us adventure forth together :D There is much still to explore!

Connect with me in other ways and never miss a book or event announcement, review, other news and many, many Star Wars memes.





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Haven Launches at ‘Out Of This World’ Fiction Fest, Lancaster, Sat 7.11.15!

Haven, sequel to Zero, is being launched at Out Of This World Fiction Fest, Lancaster, Sat 7th Nov 2015

Haven, sequel to Zero, is being launched at Out Of This World Fiction Fest, Lancaster, Sat 7th Nov 2015

Get the diaries, reminder apps & calendars marked, folks! The launch of Haven, the second book in my Science Fiction Orbit Series, will be happening at ‘Out Of this World’ Fiction Fest at the Gregson Arts & Community Centre, Lancaster, UK on Saturday 7th November 2015 12pm – 4pm!

I’m giddy as a child on lemonade. Not only to I get to launch Haven, the sequel to Zero, which has been gaining a bigger and bigger readership since its launch in 2014, including being listed in Northern Soul Magazine’s Top Reads of 2014 and selling out entirely at CoxCon 2015, but I get to do it at this event which will be attended by other authors and artists in the SciFi, Fantasy and Horror vein in my very own home town.

Also attending to launch his first Science Fiction novel is Eddie Robson: Writer of BBC Radio 4’s Welcome To Our Village and Please Invade Carefully. His other work includes Sarah & Duck, 2000AD, Hollyoaks and Dr Who spinoffs. His first novel, Tomorrow Never Knows has been released by Snowbooks and Out Of This World will be Robson’s first signing.

Tomorrow Never Knows by Eddie Robson is out now but copies will being sold & signed by the author himself at Out Of This World Fictino Fest

Tomorrow Never Knows by Eddie Robson is out now but copies will being sold & signed by the author himself at Out Of This World Fiction Fest

Also in attendance is the increasingly popular A S Chambers, paranormal detective author of the Sam Spallucci series and local legend. He has one of the best stalls of any author I’ve seen too so be sure to check it out.

There will also be local artists including Wayne Ashworth, The Watercolour Geek and Richard Disley of Low Horror Art selling prints and original works.

It really will be a one of a kind event to get some great original, limited edition or signed products as well some unique Christmas presents.

The Facebook Event is now online  but never fear: I will not be shutting up about it on Facebook or Twitter between now and then so you’re unlikely to forget the date!


There are more attendees and guests to be announced including comic sellers, more authors and artists and all sorts, so keep an eye on the event.

(Did I hear someone say ‘But what about the cake?’ YES THERE WILL BE FREE HAVEN CUPCAKES!)

Hope to see you there, folks, and don’t be shy about spreading the word!

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Publication Update

J. S. Collyer:

Full your kindle/shelves with these weird and wonderful collections of horror, dystopian and speculative fiction all featuring fast-up-and-coming horror writer M J Wesolowski. The guy is building up some serious steam so get in on the ground floor as his short fiction gains pace and attention in these publications. Then you get to say ‘I read him when’ :D

Originally posted on Beyond The North Waves:

Forgive a little self-promotion (it won’t take too long, I promise)

– just to be clear, I don’t intend to use this blog to promote my own writing, but there has been a little surge of late where a few of my short pieces of fiction have popped up in anthologies. If, for some reason, you enjoy my little brain-dribbles here; below is a list of more refined work which you can acquire…

My 2013 novella ‘The Black Land’ is available for only 99p (or 99cents) from the lovely folk at Blood Bound Books…

Black Land

When American resort tycoon Martin Walker travels to England in hopes of acquiring a lonely island off the northeastern coast, he brings his family along for the trip. Only then does he learn the island’s long-abandoned keep carries with it a legacy of terror.
Some say the ghosts of Viking raiders, clad in wolf-skins and drunk on slaughter…

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CoxCon 2015: What A Blast!

All set up and ready to go at CoxCon 2015 day 1

All set up and ready to go at CoxCon 2015 day 1

I attended my first Gaming con over the weekend. CoxCon was the official UK meet-and-greet for YouTuber, broadcaster and games reviewer Jesse Cox. He also had fellow Internet personalities Brooke Lawson (AKA Dodger), Sam Thorne (Sam Strippen), Eric Hraab (WowCrendor) and John & Genna Bain (TotalBiscuit and…Mrs Biscuit?) in attendance chairing panels, discussion groups, signing autographs and playing live games.

As I’m new to this gaming world I wasn’t sure what to expect. My primary reason for going was to see John & Genna (my partner’s brother and sister-in-law) who I haven’t seen since their move to the states several years ago. I was really looking forward to seeing them

My & Genna. Was lovely to see her again!

Genna & me. Was lovely to see her again!

again and it was they who suggested I have a stall in the exhibitors’ room. And wow, was I glad they did!

I sold out of paperbacks in a matter of hours of this two-day con opening. It was staggering. I was overwhelmed! I even had people come and order more from me for when I get my next stock in.

(To everyone who ordered one: the publisher is placing an order for new paperbacks within the next couple of days so will be sending those out as promised within a fortnight!)

This was a con of people wanting to find new things as well as support independent artists and designers and broadcasters, people who love what they do so much they make it their life’s work.

My fellow exhibitioners were mostly indie game developers. It was really interesting finding out about their work and how they shop and show their games around the UK and European cons, as well as drawing comparisons between the lives of indie game designers and authors and artists. There were a lot to be drawn: at the end of the day, we’re all trying to get our art out there and doing it mostly using the sweat off our own backs and the money in our own pockets. It was wonderful to be surrounded by so many like-minded people pursuing their ambitions and dreams.

The two games that I thought were the most entertaining were RPG Tycoon by SkaTanic Studios (think Theme Hospital meets Age of Empires – available now on Steam) and Mayan Death Robots by Sileni Studios (like Worms but bigger, better and with aliens! Also available now on Steam).

But it wasn’t just the attendees enthusiasm for the exhibits that was invigorating: this con was also wonderfully friendly, inclusive and fun.

Signing a book with people literally waving money at me! This is the dream

Signing a book with people literally waving money at me! This is the dream

Even the panel discussions on current games, gaming issues and future projects, a lot of the content of which went over my head as a non-gamer, were wonderfully entertaining, even to someone who didn’t know all the context or in-jokes. This was a group of people who really knew their stuff, were passionate about their interests, and all the guest speakers were born entertainers.

I will definitely be back next year. With a mountain of paperbacks!

Sold out of paperbacks in a little over three hours

Sold out of paperbacks in a little over three hours

Thank you Jesse for organising a wonderful event, to all the volunteers for pulling it off and, of course, to John & Gen for their continuing support and help promoting my books, as well as, of course, their wonderful friendship. Here’s to next year!

For anyone who missed out on a copy

Zero, my debut novel with action, adventure, intrigue and SPACE PIRATES is available from Dagda Publishing through Amazon as both ebook & paperback!

Click here for Zero on Amazon.

The sequel, Haven, is out in October.

Click here to find out more and add Haven to your to-read list on Goodreads!

All being well, I will be back at CoxCon 2016 with both novels! I’ll see y’all there, right?

Thanks to the power of the internet and power couple that is John and Genna Bain, this picture of me and TotalBiscuit is currently making it's way around the world on Twitter. I won't be forgotten in a hurry I imagine!

Thanks to the power of the internet and power couple that is John and Genna Bain, this picture of me and TotalBiscuit is currently making it’s way around the world on Twitter. I won’t be forgotten in a hurry I imagine!

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The Books That Shaped My Life: Guest Post by JS Collyer

J. S. Collyer:

Head on over to Beyond the Northern Waves, Horror writer and all round excellent egg M J Wesolowski’s WordPress for my guest post on the books that shaped my life

Originally posted on Beyond The North Waves:

Finding out what makes fellow writers tick is a constant source of fascination. Reading, as writing, is a very solitary process and in its formative years often shares the same innocence, that same lack of conformity and influence.

in this month’s blog – close personal friend and SF author JS Collyer goes completely against what I asked her for and gives a revealing summary of the most important books and authors that shaped her as she grew into word-spitting space creature she is today. (I’m not having a go here, it’s great!)

If you want to learn more about JS Collyer (and by rights you should, she embraces social media with the same enthusiasm that I endure it like an uncomfortable adolescent in a family photograph) her blog is here, her Twitter is here and she also has a Facebook with the highest concentrate of Star Wars memes on this…

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Thought for the day…

If there are ever Orbit Series movies made…I definitely want involved in the soundtrack.

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