‘About Me’

Now that I have been mooching about in the fantastic and inspiring world of writing blogs for a while, I have come to understand a little better what is expected from a writers’ blog. Mainly because, now, I know what I like to be able to see and find out and sample from a blog. And the social media gurus are right: your faithful clickers and followers do want to know about you.

Not everything, mind. They’re not always especially bothered about what you think about the queue at the Sainsbury’s till, or where you stand the whole Marmite debate. That’s what personal Facebook profiles are for.

(Hell, even your Facebook Friends people probably don’t care about that, but they’re your friends. They’ll put up with a certain amount of waffle)

But a few salient details I always find appealing. I like to know a little about the person who is sharing their experience.

So I have updated my About Me page and put a little more on there about who/where/why I am. Not masses, just enough so that followers, new and current, know that I am a real person with a writing journey I want to share.

Enjoy 🙂

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4 Responses to ‘About Me’

  1. Hey, I think I wouldn’t mind hearing “waffle” from you– talented bloggers like yourself have a way of putting syrup on the crustiest waffle to make it not just palatable but scrumptious.

  2. H. Ken Abell says:

    I can never write one of these seriously. I always tend to fictionalize my Bio with something absolutely outrageous, like “Has never seen Star Wars” or “Can’t pronounce the word yellow.”
    So thanks for the non-fictional update!

    • jcollyer says:

      It wasn’t easy! It’s not easy talking about yourself, I find! I knew I had to though because I like to read bios one the blogs I follow…

      …maybe I made it all up thought XD

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