Projects, projects everywhere…and what a lot to write!

Just a quick update on all things busy!

I am due a new #FlashForFriday this week, #FlashForFriday being my practice of producing a new piece of flash fiction (short story 1000 words or under) every fortnight on a Friday for your reading and my writing pleasure. However, I won’t be producing one this week, but I hope you will be mollified by the news of the other exciting things to come.

‘What things?’ you may well ask.


Keep an eye on the blog next week because I shall make up for not posting a flashfic by posting a whole new short story. It’s been a while since I posted anything longer than a 1000 words, so I hope you will enjoy something a little meatier for a change. I wrote this story some time ago and have had some great feedback on it which has helped me overhaul it more than once to, I hope, make it strong.

It’s called Showtime and it’s everything I love in fiction at the moment: dystopian, SciFi, dark and, oh did I say? It’s about a post apocalyptic circus. Oh yes. I went there. So, stay tuned as Showtime will be rolling into blog town next week.

As for this week, I am writing a guest post for my fellow fictioneer and blogger J. Aurel Guay. I have done a post for his blog in the past and highly recommend checking the blog out. It’s great for writers and readers alike. I shall reblog the link and my guest post on The Path when it goes up, so stay tuned for that as well.

No, wait, that’s not all! I am also talking with Dagda Publishing about various exciting things that are being put in place during the build up to the release of my first novel, Zero. Zero, my first foray in Science Fiction novel writing, is due for release August 2014 (full details & synopsis here) and there are many plans in the pipeline to promote and market it. These include designing artwork, compiling a list of people to receive Advance Review Copies (if you would like an ARC in exchange for a review, do get in touch by commenting below or by Facebook or Twitter), attending some SciFi conventions and all sorts of tantalising preparations that I can’t wait to get sorted and share. I have even heard whispers about Zero BOOKMARKS and Zero T-SHIRTS.

Please let there be t-shirts!

These are just propositions at the moment however, so whether everything mooted comes about or not I shall have to wait and see, but even the proposals are exciting me immensely.

That’s it, surely, yes?

No! Of course not!

In the spirit of keeping ahead of the curve, the draft of Haven, the sequel to Zero is underway. We’re currently at around 33,000 words and there’s a long way to go, but I’m enjoying trying something new with my characters. All I can do is see where that takes me, but whatever happens, it is keeping me engaged and making me consider new levels, new characters and new themes.

And now we really are done with everything I’m up to.

Oh no, wait! I am also gearing up to Crime Story UK, a crime writing conference in Newcastle 31st May & 1st June. I am really, really looking forward to this. I am attending with fellow writer M. J. Wesolowski, author of the horror novella The Black Land which I reviewed not so long ago and we are both looking forward to getting our teeth into some research.

I haven’t written or read a massive amount of crime fiction (my one foray into anything resembling it is called Hearth and Home and can be found on my short fiction page) but I have always loved crime dramas on television: Midsomer Murders, Castle and The Mentalist being just a few of my favourites, and have always admired how good the storytelling can be in this genre. True, as with any fiction, when it’s bad it’s very, very bad, but when it’s good…oh my.

The jaw-dropping moment when you find out whodunit in a really good crime story. Yes, that’s special. I’d love to have a go. So when I heard about this conference, it made me think about projects I could consider beyond the Orbit Series (this is the working title of series that includes Zero and its potential two sequels, Haven and Silence). I’m still thinking of writing SciFi, I don’t think I’ll be separated from SciFi for a long time, but the idea of space crime intrigues me immensely. I already have an idea for a book and have found myself looking up a few authors of this sort of fiction to start reading, the first of whom I have found is J. D. Robb. If anyone has any recommendations of futuristic or science fiction centred crime writing, do let me know!

The conference promises to be extremely interesting and informative, not only offering me a chance to listen and talk to some established crime writers but also to find out more about real-life police investigation and judgement processes, which could lend an all-important layer of realism to my potential crime projects. For me, even the most far-fetched of concepts or settings need to have the anchorage of realism for them to be engaging. Readers suspend their disbelief, it’s true, but this only stretches so far. At least for me.

And, yes, that really is everything. I have a lot to do and a lot to look forward to over the next couple of weeks and I’m also looking forward to sharing my experience. Stay tuned for how it all goes and for your fiction fix, look out for Showtime which will be going up next week.

In the mean time, enjoy some delicious inspirational trance.

Ciao for now!

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9 Responses to Projects, projects everywhere…and what a lot to write!

  1. Helena Hann-Basquiat says:

    Please let there be Zero T-Shirts. If there aren’t, we will round up a bunch of old Smashing Pumpkins “Zero” T-shirts and paint your name on them.

  2. M. C. Dulac says:

    Let there be T-shirts! And – mugs! Imagine it. Friends come over for coffee. The conversation turns to “Read any good books lately?” and all you have to do is lift your mug! OR – the office kitchen! Start conversations – or leave the mug in the communal cupboard and let people discover it!!! By the way, I definitely want the bookmark.

  3. Jex, I don’t know how you do it all, but I’m glad you do! And if you have any ARCs of “Zero” left to pass out, you know I’d love to read and review it. Hope you have a great weekend. 😀

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