Could you be Britain’s Next Bestseller?

Great opportunities for readers and writers alike!

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bnbs-blackIntroducing Britain’s Next Bestseller …

Love reading? Love writing? If your answer to either of these questions is yes then you’ll love Britain’s Next Bestseller.

Britain’s Next Bestseller (BNBS) is a new publishers with a difference. They wanted to create something that would allow readers to choose the books that get published; and would make it easier and more profitable for writers to bag a book deal. Everyone is a winner.

So how does it work?

It’s simple.

For readers – You decide who BNBS publish. If you don’t want to read it they don’t want to publish it. It’s as simple as that. With BNBS you get to browse exciting manuscripts, watch great book trailers, search out and support that next bestselling author, and the first 250 people to order get their name printed in every edition of the book. Plus you get your copy of the book 2…

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2 Responses to Could you be Britain’s Next Bestseller?

  1. Thanks for reposting this! If anyone would like to find out more please drop me a mail
    Happy Saturday!

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