SciFi By The Sea 2016 – Scarborough SciFi Festival


SciFi Scarbs for the win!

Another great event! This was Scarborough SciFi Festival’s third year and my second visit and I can say hands-down it is my favourite con. It’s a two-day event, which is great value for both traders, artists and attendees, with a fabulous atmosphere and great organisation in a wonderful location. But as well as all that, what really stands out about this con, is that the organisers work exceptionally hard not only to make it fun and packed with content and activities for everyone, but also go out of their way to make sure everyone is happy, have what they need and know where everything is, traders, guests and attendees alike.

Having been to some cons where you do just get lost in the crowd, can’t find your table, can’t find the toilet or even the way in, this is an absolute breath of fresh air. It feels more like a holiday than a day working a stall.


Oh I do like to be beside the seaside! I can definitely think of worse locations for a convention

There were some great guests including Star Trek Voyager’s Garrett Wang (who was an absolute scream), Norman Lovett of Red Dwarf fame and the always lovely Jon Campling form Harry Potter, who challenged everyone to retweet the details of his charity in exchange for a ‘Death Eater on a Unicycle’ stunt. Which he performed on day 2 with aplomb.

There was also ACTUAL stuff from the ACTUAL Dredd movie which had me exploding all over the Ocean Room with excitment. I GOT TO TOUCH DREDD’S BIKE! By all accounts it goes, too. They had to hold me back from riding off across the stage on it.


My stall before I sold out

And, as well as all this, my Orbit Series books 1 & 2 went down a storm. I expected to have a few people dropping by for book 2, Haven, after having picked up book 1, Zero, last year, but the flush of new, keen faces (who also happened to be SciFi fans, naturally) cleared me out of Zero within a few hours of the first day!

All I can say is bring on Scarborough SciFi Festival 2017!



My next events this year are Edge-Lit, Derby and CoxCon, Telford, both in July. Book 3, Silence, is also set for launch at CoxCon so that’s doubly exciting!

More detailed posts about Silence, third and final book in the Orbit Series, to come.




Silence small

Silence, Book 3 in the Orbit Series, will be launched at CoxCon July 2016

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