Countdown to Silence

Well, it’s started. It’s 75 days until the 3rd and final book in my Orbit Series, Silence, is launched. It will go live on Amazon that day for paperback & ebook and I will also have paperbacks with me at Jesse Cox’s amazing Game Reviewers’ Con – CoxCon 2016.

13239252_1715247622064133_2787553822479691285_nI had a great time at this con last year, completely selling out of my first book in the series, Zero. I will be more prepared this year and will have plenty of copies of all three books. Also looking forward to seeing my brother- and sister-in-law John & Genna Bain also known as Mr. & Mrs. TotalBiscuit as well as all the marvellous indie game designers and enthusiasts I met last year.

So, how does it feel to have the third and final book in my first ever published series coming to a close?

There are too many things to list. I definitely am sad to be saying goodbye to these characters. I’ve loved working with them and discovering their stories. We’ve come a long way together and they’ve helped me figure out how to write books. But I also know in my heart their tales are done. Anything further in this universe, I feel, would just end up being filler.

Though never say never.

Silence smallBut either way, long-term, it’s exciting because it’s time for something new. (I already have the next series planned…are we surprised?) But it’s exciting in the short-term too because I’ve just finished the first round of edits on Silence and I’m very, VERY pleased with it. It tugs on my feels every time and I wrote it. I just hope readers feel it is a suitable conclusion to these characters’ stories. I look forward to finding out.

Books 1 & 2, Zero and Haven are available on Amazon as paperback or for Kindle, or will be available from me direct (with optional signing!) at any of my upcoming appearances.

Silence, book 3, will launch on Amazon on Sat 30th July for Kindle and as paperback and I will also have paperbacks with me at CoxCon same day. You will also be able to pre-order through me paying with PayPal, hopefully from end of June!


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