Gladstone’s Library

St. Deiniol’s, otherwise known as Gladstone’s Library

I’m back home in the real world after an amazing weekend at Gladstone’s Library. I booked thee nights at this amazing residential library as a writing retreat for myself over the last weekend. I found it a fantastically inspirational and productive place to work.

For really a very reasonable rate you can get dinner, bed and breakfast and full use of the library and it’s collection. Hawarden, the village, and surrounding countryside is perfect for idea-fuelling walks, there’s a few nice pubs for a cheeky idea-fuelling pint and there’s a train station only a couple of minutes walk away. The morning and evening meal is included in the price of your room (my room was extremely comfortable and spotlessly clean) and the good, simple food served in the cafeteria is just what you need after a hard day’s typing.

The collection of books is extensive, the subject matters mainly being theology and history. But I did not go for the books themselves, just for somewhere to write. Should you be studying theology or history I imagine the library’s contents would prove very interesting, but even if you’re not, the little workstations, picturesque setting and next to absolute silence make it perfect to get your teeth into your writing, no matter what you’re working on.

I was amazed at how much I got done and, though I now plan to try and keep my momentum up and give myself one evening a week to work on my writing, I will definitely be going back as soon as possible.  It is so utterly without distraction that it is almost impossible not to be productive.

Have a look at their website here or on my links page. I would highly recommend it to any writer organising a retreat for themselves to devote to their work.

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